Shared Text: Jon Stewart Tags Putin as Dark Lord

vladimort 1Can Russian kleptocrat Vladimir Putin fairly be likened to a certain murderous Heisman Trophy winner in the death of Boris Nemtsov? Or is he really like a certain twisted wizard? (At 4:00 in video.)

The murder of Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov, right outside the Kremlin in the heart of Moscow, has prompted a lot of speculation about what role, if any, Vladimir Putin played in the killing. Jon Stewart didn’t directly point the finger at Putin on Thursday night’s Daily Show, but he did laugh at the Russian president’s insistence that he will personally lead the investigation into Nemtsov’s murder.

Vladimort 3“Oh good, he’s vowing to find the real killer,” Stewart laughed, showing a photo of OJ Simpson. “That’s a promise that always inspires confidence. The only thing that could be more OJ is if Putin started stealing sports memorabilia….” which, of course, he allegedly has. Not that Stewart was done with the comparisons: Putin started out as a fairly normal guy, like Draco Malfoy in the first Harry Potter novel, he said, but after spending too many nights “in the dungeon-y parts of Hogwarts” with the bad kids, Putin has become Lord Vladimort.” Hopefully there isn’t a sequel. Peter Weber
You’ll note if you watch the video in the Daily Show clip, no one in the audience struggles to get the play on Tom Riddle’s preferred name if the reference to Robert Kraft’s stolen Super Bowl ring was a reach for many.
Vladimort 2Fans of the world’s richest leader can say this as a step up, of course. In the past, President Putin has had to deal with assertions that he was the model for Warner Bros’ depiction of Dobby the house-elf. You can’t make this stuff up. The nightmare figure of postmodern global geo-politics is haunted by Harry Potter associations. (Hat-tip to James!)


  1. Jon Stewart brother of Larry Leibowitz COO of the New York Stock Exchange? Jon Stewart boss of comedian Paul Mecurio who said on TV that people just have to get used to intrusive airport searches because, and i quote, “this is a NEW WORLD ORDER”??

    Not surprised that Jon Stewart (Leibowitz) doesnt like Putin and does propaganda against him.

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