Shared Text: Nerds and Geometry Exams


  1. Too funny! That probably would have been my answer as well.

  2. SURELY they received partial credit!

  3. Classic!
    (My appreciation is greatly enhanced by a skewed sense of humor and exposure to a proliferation of similar off-the-wall answers at a local school district.)

  4. Arabella Figg says

    Love it! And the round thing is…?

  5. @Arabella: **raises hand frantically like Hermione** Ooh ooh, I know! The Resurrection Stone!

  6. @Arabella: **in undertone to Harry, like Ron** I’ve only skimmed book one, so it looks like the Sorcerer’s Stone to me.

  7. I love it!

  8. LOL – I saw this a few months ago on facebook. I love it. And if I’d been the teacher, I would have given credit for the answer – just for creativity. And then I would have done a little reteaching on the geometry bit.

  9. Ooooh yes, Eeyore! A wizard’s Cross-Curriculum opportunity (Arithmancy, History of Magic, DODA, Wandlore). I wonder about the Muggle teacher’s actual response? Would she/he have asked for a one-page (11-inch parchment) report on DH or dismissed the idea out-of-hand for fear of Muggle reprisals?

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