Shared Text: ‘Voltamort’ Home Decorations

Just sayin.’ Not many book series and consequent film franchises inspire home decorating innovations like this one. And can you think of a better way to keep children away from the electrical socket or wasting volts with silly appliances?

Hat tip to James McG — and Semper Fi!


  1. diva_alix says

    A lightswitch plate would be pretty awesome too! Give Voldy the nose he doesn’t have!

  2. wayne stauffer says

    not sure where else to post this …

    it is curious to me that we don’t get much back story on lucius malfoy and how he and narcissa lestrange got together. surely they were at hogwarts at the same time as james, sirius, lily, remus, peter, severus, though i can believe that they may have graduated just a couple years ahead of the others. and not to forget bellatrix and the longbottoms. maybe jkr will decide to write a prequel that will develop those subplots and bring back our favorites…one can hope

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