Strike Has “Two Dark Angels”? Really?

I get the haunting aspect of Leda Strike as a ‘Dark Angel’ in Cormoran’s existence. His birth story and the exotic upbringing he had courtesy of his late mother has largely shaped who he is. And the ‘angel’ bit works because she is dead. The big-story mystery, not much advanced in Troubled Blood except for the Rokeby Valentines Day telephone call, remains if her death was really a suicide. Mom haunts the story; he even mentions feeling her presence — “the wraith of Leda seemed to drift on his cigarette smoke around him” ( p 34).

But Charlotte? She doesn’t die in Troubled Blood and Strike demonstrates that he is done with her as the touchstone of his emotional life by story’s end. In what sense can she fairly be described as a “dark angel”? She’s not dead, the only mystery not yet resolved is the baby she claimed they conceived, and he’s immune to her influence.

Is the suggestion that Charlotte is not yet done with Cormoran or Robin? That she will have some kind of supernatural vengeance as the woman-spurned? I confess to finding that possibility both credible and exciting. You?

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