Taylor C. S. Lewis Conference: A Remarkable Slate of Speakers

Here’s the thing, serious readers. I get a lot of mail and almost all of it is from thoughtful people like you who want to ‘run something by me’ for my opinion. These are rarely subjects that are throw-away questions not deserving some real discussion and expansion. My blog post ‘drafts’ file, consequently, is now at 109 entries in the queue of topics waiting for me to come back to them. And I don’t think I’ll ever work through that back-log because as I write up one, two more enter the back of the line.

Some posts, though, have to jump to the front of the line because, if they don’t move to the point, their date of expiration passes and they’re worthless.

Today’s first post is an example. Next week the annual gathering at Taylor University of C. S. Lewis and Inkling Mavens takes place and The Colloquium on C. S. Lewis and Friends is a wow meeting of minds. No, Gilderoy will not be speaking (I’ll be working the 8th Day Books table with my friend Joshua), but that’s a good thing as David and Crystal Downing, Alan Jacobs, Woody and Susan Wendling, and a host of brilliant scholars and insightful readers will be. Check out their slate of speakers and schedule here, and, if you live nearby (Perelandra?) or can make the trip from afar, I hope to see you there!


  1. I’ll be there!

  2. Alas, a change of plans due to tasks at home has meant I cannot get to Indiana this week — I hope an attendee (Jennifer?) will give us a report!

  3. I can indeed! Sorry to hear you won’t be there though!

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