‘Ten Demands (?) Made by Potter Actors’

I’m not a movie fan, especially not the film adaptations of the Harry Potter novels. I enjoyed this collection of trivia about the making of those movies, though, because of the revelations of the human side behind the mythic projections on the screen. Most of the ‘Ten Most Unusual Demands’ are not “demands,” but they all surprised me in one way or another.

Alan Richman set a No-Go Red Line around his car after Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint poured milk-shakes on it? The actresses playing Sybill Trelawney and Bellatrix LeStrange don’t work together because of a romantic riff over — Gilderoy Lockhart? Jason Isaacs had a lot of input into the appearance of Lucious Malfoy? The fart-machine placed in horny actor’s sleeping bag?

Tomorrow, I’ll get back to serious posting with reflections on the latest rumors that Harry Potter is coming to teevee (hint: I find these rumors to be as ridiculous as they are disturbing). Today? A laugh or two about the clowns in the circus. Enjoy!

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