The Harry Potter Lexicon Debate

ZoeRose, longtime HogPro AllPro, has weighed in on her Harry Potter weblog, Shell Cottage, about the The Harry Potter Lexicon controversy and lawsuit. As you may know, Steve Vander Ark and I have been friends and correspondents since 2003. I haven’t asked and he hasn’t told me anything about the lawsuit (and I haven’t heard from him in months). My several friends who labor at The Lexicon are also under the Cone of Silence.

The policy here has been and continues to be: “Post nothing about it.”

ZoeRose asked for my feedback on the issue and I have none. This is a lawyer and media show which may or may not have consequences in the interpretation of Ms. Rowling’s books about our favorite boy wizard. I will wait to see what those consequences are, if any, and comment on them when they are undeniable and well defined. My posting this link is not an endorsement of what ZoeRose has written, of Mr. Vander Ark or his lawyers. or of Ms. Rowling and her lawyers. Mine is a studied and complete neutrality, a deliberate ignorance fostering something like indifference.

If you’ve been dying to share your insights on this issue, though, but want a more charitable and thoughtful audience or more carefully monitored site than most to post your thoughts, this is your chance. No responses to this post will be approved at Hogwarts Professor so please don’t write anything below (unless you want to tell me something in private). Thank you, ZoeRose, for creating a forum that readers here excited by this controversy can enjoy without disturbing the discussions here.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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