The HogPro Contact Tab is Working Again!

I was sent this ‘Garry Baudin’ production on YouTube by a Serious Reader. Why? You tell me; I’m just delighted the Contact Form is working again. It’s not about Harry Potter per se but I’m pretty sure y’all can pick up the postmodern cliches for practice (“Bad Metanarrative! Evil Church-folk!”) while enjoying the beautiful music, Adagio in G Minor by Albioni (Giazotti?), performed by the Berlin Philaharmonic under Herbert von Karajan:


  1. Thank you for showing us this. I thought it was wonderful.

    It struck me more as the New Testament written in oragami rather than post-modern. I see the themes you mentioned. However, to me they seemed to me a retelling of biblical narrative within the context of the piece.

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