The Potter Pundits ‘On Imagination’

James Thomas, Travis Prinzi, and I talked earlier this year about the central place of imagination in Harry Potter. As Travis explains in his introduction, we recorded this show very soon after our Luna Lovegood segment — just about the time PotterCast decided to go with live, video Potter Pundits discussions for their show. That format will start this Thursday night when the Pundits talk about “Names in Harry Potter.” but the move to live video meant this audio-only segment ‘On Imagination’ was lost.

Almost lost. Travis has just posted it at and it’s a keeper. Folks at TheHogsHead are saying that the Pundits don’t get more profound than this. Let me know what you think!


  1. The Group That Shall Not Be Named (TGTSNBN) filmed my ‘Eyes of Deathly Hallows’ talk in NYC last week and it is online here at Potter TeeVee. Check it out if you want to hear much of what I said in the Imagination podCast in a different context! (nB: the talk begins about 12 minutes into the recording…)

  2. I posted over at the Hogs Head after I had a chance to listen. I really enjoyed the discussion and the insight from the three of you. And then I went back a bit further and listened to the first podcast on imagination. Both were great and have given me more to think about. Thanks for posting the link, John – and to all of you for all your collective wisdom.


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