The PotterMore Collection: Bootleg JKR

From our friends at The Rowling Library, the book you wish you had received in your stocking: a published compilation of the PotterMore articles in alphabetical order.

The Pottermore Collection is an unofficial bootleg book, made by fans to collect all J.K. Rowling’s writings that have been published on [her] Pottermore website. It is the closest we have to a Harry Potter Encyclopedia.

The book is not an official book and it is not for sale.

Is it perfect? Of course it isn’t; it’s a bootleg book created from online material. And all the chapters that begin with ‘The’ are listed as a ‘T’ entry there rather than, say, as ‘Hogwarts Express.’ Just the glitch needed to make it authentically amateur.

I don’t know about you, but I hope this publicly clandestine effort becomes a gift that The Rowling Library sends those patrons who pay $X per month. Sign me up!

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