The Red Hen Returns — with a Remarkable Potter Tarot!

Joyce Odell, also known as The Red Hen, is a Potter Pundit of the first order, who, for reasons of her own, all but disappeared from Harry Potter fandom after the publication of Deathly Hallows. Which was a real loss. Those of us who recall the years between the appearances of Order of the Phoenix and the series finale as the peak time of serious reader engagement with the books, we remember the quirky but remarkably prescient insights of the Red Hen whose spectacularly long and involved posts inevitable deepened our appreciation of what could be happening at Hogwarts. Only Brett Kendall, I think, understood the relationship of the books to one another as clearly as Ms Odell did and I’m guessing even Brett tips his hat in deference to the Red Hen.

All that only to say that I was delighted to hear from her earlier this week and to learn that she has completed a fascinating project, namely, a Harry Potter Tarot Deck. The images are delightful, challenging, and a real treat for Potter fans familiar with the Rider-Waite deck. The cards can be seen at the links below. Enjoy!

The Red Hen’s introduction to the set

Full Deck Overview

Individual cards in detail

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