‘The Strike-Ellacott Files’ Has New Home

‘The Strike & Ellacott Files’ podcast has moved to new digs online: www.thesefiles.com. I confess that I originally and persistently continue to read that url as ‘These Files’ rather than ‘The S E Files,’ but I’m sure I’ll get over it. It is the only podcast I know of dedicated entirely to discussion of the Rowling-Galbraith detective stories; it has a close association with StrikeFans.com, something like a sister site to HogwartsProfessor with respect to this series, and with whom we have an amiable relationship of mutual admiration.

Though I have only listened to the one S&E Files show with Beatrice Groves and Nick Jeffery as guests, Louise Freeman who is a regular member of their listening audience, assures me that “they continue to mention Hogpro writers—  with proper attribution— regularly.” Which means, until we get our podcast up and running here, ‘The Strike and Ellacott Files’ is your best bet for conversation about literary alchemy, ring composition, PSI, intertextuality, mythology, and embedded texts in Rowling’s murder mysteries. 

The show hosts describe their efforts this way on the new site’s ‘About’ page:

The first episode of The Strike & Ellacott Files aired in January of 2021 as Lindsay and Kenz embarked upon a year-long re-read of Troubled Blood. They were joined early in the series by recurring special guest Pools, who first appeared in episode 8 and eventually joined the podcast as a permanent third co-host.

Since then, The Strike & Ellacott Files have completed our re-read of Troubled Blood, and gone back to the beginning to make our way through The Cuckoo’s Calling. New episodes of the podcast are released bi-weekly, with frequent appearances by special guests and numerous bonus episodes in addition to our regular close readings. We hope you join us in our conversation as we journey through this wonderful series; you can expect a little bit of literary analysis, a lot of laughs, and a hefty dose of appreciation for our favourite private detectives.

There is a weblog, too, at TheSEFiles.com but to date there is only one post, undated though it references a podcast in October 2021, about the possibility that Leda Strike Strike was killed by Peter Gillespie. Curiously, fascinating and compelling as the discussion is, it doesn’t mention that ‘Karol’ at StrikeFans — perhaps a pseudonym for one of the podcasters? — suggested this theory at HogwartsProfessor back in February 2021 (see my discussion of Karol’s idea back then) or the Peter-John touchstones in all of Rowling’s work, one especially relevant in a subject involving Peter Gillespie and Jonny Rokeby. Nor is there a pointer to Nick Jeffery’s and my long looks at the Rokeby money set aside for Strike that is at the heart of their theory.

Cheers to Lindsay, Pools, and Kenz on the new site and best wishes for a growing, loyal audience of listeners!

If you want to help us get our HogPro podcast up and running and have relevant skills (or know someone who does), please let us know via the ‘Contact’ tab at the top right of our home-page!

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