The Trailer Madness Begins!

Check out the brand new Deathly Hallows teaser trailer above! After the MTV tease was yanked, maybe this one will stick around until the next, more tempting morsel.

Thoughts? Criticism? Shrieks of horror or delight? What do you think of seeing bits from both halves, including the big finale? The dragon is white — hurrah! Personally, I’ll be scouring the stores to get a smart suit like Hermione appears to be sporting this time around. You?


  1. I would note that the timing of this release is a sign that Warner Brothers is well aware of its only real reel rival. Coming out the day before the Eclipse movie premiere, this CGI laden, over-the-top operatic full two minutes is a wonderful way to remind Twilight fans that, at least as far as movie making goes, the Forks Saga will never be able to match WBs big pockets and film production moxie.

  2. My husband actually likes the Twilight movies better than the Potter ones, John. I had to drag him to Half-Blood Prince, but as soon as I said Eclipse, he said “We’ll have to go on a date.” Silly Warner Brothers! CGI can only do so much.

    That said, I’m excited to see both, even though I know I’ll pick them both to pieces. And Elizabeth, you’re right about Hermione’s suit. Snazzy. I noticed the clothing a lot in this trailer. It always catches me by surprise when the trio shows up in jeans in certain movie scenes, when I know perfectly well they were in robes in the books.

  3. Wow! Thanks for the link, John. I think it looks great. I couldn’t figure out why Harry was walking towards Voldemort until I realized they were mixing both movies in the trailer. Personally, I think that’s a great way to remind everyone that this one in November is just the first half of the story. I’ll have to watch again, but I liked what I saw – I’m glad to see something at last. I hope WB does an update on their website soon. I’d like to get some official downloads.

    And like Jenna I know I will be picking things apart, but still, I can hardly wait. Unlike Jenna and the rest of you, I’ll have a restful weekend with no Twilight. Actually, I have seen the trailers for it and I find it all a bit too creepy – but then I haven’t read the books or watched the movies, so take that with a grain of salt, please.

  4. Oh, that fangirl squeal? That was just me. Yes, I’m 31 years old and can’t wait to see it. Will I pick it apart? Probably a little, but I think I approach the movies less as faithful reproductions of the books and hope to just get a feel for the world and the characters. If they come reasonably close, I’m usually fairly satisfied. 🙂

  5. Let the picking apart begin! Do I see Ron killing Nagini instead of Neville? Please, please, please, NO!

  6. jensenly says

    No, Miriam, I don’t think that’s Ron killing Nagini. He’s destroying the locket in the forest. I believe the scene cuts are so fast and close together that it simply looks that way.

    Here are my “pick aparts”:

    1. Where are the Malfoys in the Death Eater scenes with Voldy in the forest?
    2. What’s the scene where Hermione is walking down the street of a small town? Godric’s Hollow?
    3. I like the shot of the Death Eater stopping the Hogwarts Express. No one is safe, not even the little kiddies.
    4. Love the Gringott’s dragon’s milky eyes. Someone got that right.
    5. Not sure who the trio are running from in the forest? Snatchers, even though that doesn’t happen in the book (gee – would they really put something in the movie that wasn’t in the book??!!)? They don’t look like Death Eaters.
    6. Death Eaters on brooms chasing after a fireball? Hagrid’s motorcycle going down in flames?
    7. Not sure why Harry is in a children’s room at Bathilda’s when Nagini atacks him? The room is very brightly colored compared to the rest of the film.
    8. It’s bothersome that they don’t put Radcliffe on a box or something when Wright kisses him. She looks like she’s kissing a little kid.
    9. I found it interesting that instead of leaving Crabbe out of the movie altogether (wasn’t available due to being sentenced for pot growing among other things) they substituted in Blaise Zamboni in the ROHT scene. Wonder if that means that Blaise will die instead of Crabbe?
    10. Not sure if I like the final dueling scene between Harry and Voldy. Looks like they made it more of a long, drawn-out wand battle (which of course it wasn’t). And where is everyone? Lots of bodies on the ground, but no other wizards appear to be watching.

    I very much enjoyed the trailer and think we will be in a real treat with both Parts 1 and 2!

  7. Jensenly, if you will review the trailer again, stop @ 30 seconds into it where LV is standing in the Forbidden Forest facing a group of DeathEaters…as he turns around, you will notice two figures in the upper left; both have shoulder-length white-blonde hair. I believe they might be Lucius and his wife.

    As much as I am looking forward to DH 1 & 2, I am equally dreading the “artistic interpretations” of the original text as demonstrated by the wand scene at the trailer’s end, Hermione’s red (not purple) wedding attire, and the physical contact between LV and Harry….which I am pretty sure never occurred in the book! Some one please correct me if I am wrong.

    Ah yes…let the nit-pick games begin.
    Wands at the ready!!

  8. Elizabeth says

    I wondered about Hermione’s red wedding dress (not nearly as attractive as that suit when she’s Mafalda). Of course, it’s lavender in the book, but perhaps we’re seeing some alchemical color-coding (as the boys are in black and white)that would fit into the “solid gold” wedding theme. That would be nice. But, since Bill and Fleur’s romance has been excised from the films, I’m not sure how that will work. Perhaps they will be at Tonks and Lupin’s wedding?
    I also hope those are Lucius and Narcissa in the forest, as I absolutely love her moment of redemption when she swears Harry is dead.
    I like the train bit, too, Jensely. Perhaps this is the capture of Luna? But, like the death of Hedwig, adds to the reminder that we must sometimes lose our childhood treasures to become what we are meant to be.

  9. I don’t really like the fact that the companies keep trying to make some sort of rivarly. I’ve never liked fanbase rivaries: Ruben vs Clay, US vs British Office, Harry/Hermione vs Ron Hermione and Harry/Ginny, Team Edward vs Team Jacob, ect. Discussions and debates are fun, but mudslinging destroys brain cells. Twilight and Harry Potter are two completely different book series, but both bring hits to websites so advertisers play on the rivaries.
    I personally prefer Potter, but many of my closest friends love Twilight. I know several people who are fans of both. Personally I like several supporting characters in Twilight better than Edward and Bella (whom I do not particularly care for). The best part of the series is when Jacob narrates in Breaking Dawn. Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, and Leah are also very cool characters. I also grew somewhat attached to Bree Tanner and liked Edward and Bella even less after reading her story.
    Anyway the new teaser looks awesome. Hopefully breaking Deathly Hallows into two parts will finally permit the movies to do justice to the source Material. Danial Radcliffe does really well capturing the essence of Harry, but unfortunately Steve Kloves often misses the boat. He gives a lot of other Characters’ Character defining lines to Hermione while losing some of Hermione’s best lines. He also tries to squeeze in a lot of details from the books without explaingin their significance.

  10. Louise Freeman says

    Like Miriam, it looked to me like Ron killed Nagini on first viewing (which would make me very very unhappy!) but going through frame by frame, the snake is clearly attacking Harry in a bedroom and, though Harry begins to yell “Ron, kill it!” while the snake is still visible onscreen, he looks out-of-doors at the time. That and the fact that Neville had a few good lines in the last few movies gives me hope. Though I wish they had explained that the prophecy could have referred to him as well.

    For pure visual interest, I can see why the trailer-editors would think it more exciting to show a male lead killing a giant snake than taking a sword to a tiny little locket, at least for John Q. public and not us junkies.

    I read someplace that it would be Bill and Fleur getting married.

    Louise, still hoping against hope for Neville’s “Gran’s on the run” speech.

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