The Transfiguration of Twilight’s Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer at the Premieres of the first four Twilight films. Top left, Twilight; top right, New Moon, bottom left, Eclipse; bottom right, Breaking Dawn, Part 1. If photos never lie, this woman has gone through some significant changes recently.


  1. RandomThoughts says

    Maybe she’s finally hired a stylist. Not meaning to be mean, just that it’s extremely obvious someone somewhere took her in hand before the fourth movie premier and made sure she actually looked like a multi-million dollar movie Producer, not a Mormon housewife with no fashion sense.

  2. Well, she’s working now, officially, as producer on the two Breaking Dawns, and on the “Austenland” adaptation with a bunch of people with Utah connections — the author/BFF Shannon Hale, Jerusha Hess (writer of the brilliant “Napoleon Dynamite,” now as director), actresses Keri Russell and Jane Seymour, etc.

    Her and Summit producer Wyck Godfrey have a number of other projects they are working on for film and TV; he said the best part of co-producing with her is getting to just hang out with her all the time. And not having to make creative judgement calls. Because Stephenie Meyer herself is standing right there.

    I’m sure she’s producing for “The Host,” too, which is in pre-production/casting and starts filming in February I think — New Mexico (exteriors) and Louisiana (interiors) as I recall.

    My understanding is that the Meyers homeschool now and she brings the family along with her — to Louisiana, London, etc. Plus, one assumes that she’s moved from the “wealthy” to the “very wealthy.” So perhaps she’s not cooking anymore, which must help with eating healthy, and on a good schedule, and so forth. And I assume she had fashion and hair person help her prepare for the premiere, like the actresses do. Which is all to the good.

    On the down side, she said it’s been a “bad year” for writing. In one of her red carpet interviews she mentioned the due dates for “The Host” sequels are looming, saying she needs to get busy on that, as only portions are written thus far.

    So. It’s either all that, or perhaps she’s really become a…

    “Say it. Out loud…”

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