UK Harry Potter Movie Studio Theme Park: A Must or a Bust?

The film-lot-turned-‘Making of Harry Potter’-theme-park opens 31 March and I received my first note last week from a serious reader in Austin saying she is saving her galleons to take her family across the pond to experience the magic, the Wizarding World that was the real stage for the Warner Brothers movie adaptations.

For a full report on just how many galleons she’ll need (and the upset in the UK about this price tag), read The Daily Mail‘s Too much for Muggles? Harry Potter studio tour faces criticism that it is too pricey for families.

For stunning collection of exhibit photos (need I say, “SPOILERS!”?), visit Hogwarts for Muggles: How YOU can fly on a broomstick, ride the Knight Bus and see all the behind-the-scenes magic of the Harry Potter movies. Did I mention a video walk through?

And The Daily Mirror was also given a pass for one of its reporters (and a camera man) to preview the excitement and ride a broom in front of a green screen. Check out Wizard or what? We take the first peek inside the new Harry Potter studio tour: From the actual Diagon Alley to Dumbledore’s office via potions and props it is, quite simply, like stepping inside one of the movies.

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