There’s a Logical Fallacy Here Somewhere…

It’s not quite Post hoc, propter hoc because it isn’t asserted that the historical event caused Ms. Rowling to write a story with hints of the event in her tale. We’re close, though, I think, in the suggestion that because she might have heard of it, might have visited this scene, and might have caught a glimpse of the tourist train that there is or almost certainly is a connection.

Anyway, a historical event in Scotland is tied to Harry’s adventures in Chamber of Secrets in this article. I’ll let you be the judge of the validity or strength of the argument. I’m left marveling at just the reach or stretch to make the connection… Probably because I have been accused of over reach a few times myself.


  1. Um, no. I don’t see how there is any connection. Whatsoever.

    We’ve all been accused at one time or another of stretching the point, but that article is . . . just kind of weird in the way it tries to make connections to Harry Potter.

    Maybe someone else can see it, but I really don’t.


  2. Agreed, Pat. I don’t see the connection, either. I found it difficult to read beyond the first couple of paragraphs, I was so perplexed.


  3. Um….I don’t see any connection. Maybe a student of Scottish history with greater knowledge of the situation as it occured would make a connection.

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