Three ‘Calls for Papers’: Get Writing, Potter Pundits!

At the beginning of nearly every Potter Pundit segment in the Leaky Cauldron’s PotterCast show, Travis Prinzi, our host and moderator, makes the point that the program is a forum for serious  readers who are the real ‘Pundits.’ The talking heads on the program are only representatives of this much larger group. He says that not only to defer the inevitable Gilderoy Gang jokes, but because it’s the simple truth. The folks listening to those shows and reading our books (that would be you all) are the ones generating the conversation topics and the greater part of the discussion.

Recognizing that, allow me to share below the jump three CFPs or ‘Calls for Papers’ to a new essay collection and to two exciting conferences planned for 2012. They were sent to me with the sincere and formulaic request that I participate and with the hope that I would pass it on to you. You’ve got a Harry Potter essay in the drawer or an idea you’d like to expand and share with other serious readers. Time to get a round Tuit and start writing!

First, the essay collection being put together by Valerie Frankel, author of From Girl to Goddess and several Potter parodies. From her note to me:

I’m the author of the Henry Potty parodies and we spoke a bit at last summer’s HPEF convention. I’m putting together an essay anthology about Harry Potter’s inpact on society, and was wondering if you’d like to write something for it. The call for papers is at and do feel free to post or forward -it’s open to everyone. Still you’ve had such an enormous impact on the scholarship that I specifically wanted to ask if you’d like to contribute.

Checking out the CFP, we learn the collection will be called ‘Harry Potter: Still Recruiting’ and  —

Harry Potter defined a decade and more. In its wake, children began reading, began gravitating to the fantasy section. The midnight book release began, along with Wizard Rock, parodies, movies, college Quiddich teams, and finally a theme park. It built some of its popularity and reputation through hot nineties technology, the internet with its fan fiction, chatrooms, and lexicons. And in its unprecedented fandom we see how startlingly a book can become popular, become a phenomenon. This collection looks at Harry Potter as a reflection of us, twenty-first century fans, and addresses how our pop culture has helped and been helped by the Harry Potter phenomenon. Since much has been written of the early years, essays on activities post-book seven are especially welcome.

Next, a Harry Potter academic conference in Limerick, Ireland next July, ‘Magic is Might 2012.’ From the email note I received from the program sponsor, Grainne O’Brien:

I am currently organising a Harry Potter academic conference in Ireland, dated to be July 2012. The call for papers is available at and at the program’s FaceBook page. I am hoping this is something you might be interested in attending 🙂

Going to the blogspot page, we find that:

This two-day event will feature twenty 15-20 minute presentations on papers relating to popular culture and the Harry Potter series. We will encourage intensive and lively discussion and debate around the papers over the two days in this intimate setting. Wizards, muggles, established academics and postgraduate students are invited to submit papers. Post conference, full papers will be put together into a collection that will be available online.

As if I needed another reason to want to go Ireland …  But how about a conference that doesn’t involve air fares and lodging and passports? How about a Harry Potter conference you can go to in the seat you’re in right now?

Enter PotterCon 2012. From Xavier Austrone, Executive Director, Wizarding Life Networks:

Mr. Granger!

First let me say that I am a huge fan of your work! Many of my staffers have read your books. I’ve received many emails already from early-registered attendees inquiring about you making an appearance at PotterCon 2012.

I am organizing the PotterCon conference, a truly unique conference, to say the least. The entire weekend is being held entirely online via Livestream channels. Consider this a formal invitation, because we would love to have you present a program during the conference. It’s not until September 2012, and of course you’ll be speaking from the comfort of your home or office.

Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in!

Well, of course, I’m interested. Going with me to the Event Homepage and their Facebook Page, we discover that the registration cost is only $15, that it is a fund raiser for the Harry Potter Alliance, and they are looking for some outside-the-box presentations:

PotterCon 2012 is a one-of-a-kind event happening September 7 – September 9, 2012. It’s a different kind of Harry Potter convention. It is not being held in any physical location, but rather entirely-online through a series of live Livestream-based programming, such as academic & round-table discussions, in-character courses such as those you’d see at Hogwarts, live wizard rock performances and even live watch parties (viewings) of fandom productions, such as The Final Battle, The Warlock’s Hairy Heart Opera, James Potter Films and more! It’s an entire weekend full of online collaboration with other Potter fans from around the world.

The only downside I’ve found is that they are not yet accepting programming propsals.

If I have an idea for programming or would like to teach a course, where can I submit my proposal?

We would LOVE to hear your ideas or review your programming proposals, but we aren’t accepting them this early! Please keep an eye on our social networks and our website for when we announce programming proposals!

But get to work writing yours anyway! None of us have any excuse not to participate when the expenses of travel, lodging, and time lost at work have been removed.

Two last notes from my mailbag:

(1) There is a last minute re-read of all seven volumes in anticipation of the film finale you can read about here.

(2) has Harry Potter discussions of the themes and symbols and the series in general and they welcome contributions from Potter Pundits and HogPro All-Pros.

Enjoy the last day before Pottermore is revealed and our lives are changed forever!


  1. thanks for sharing – it’s really appreciated! (Although I added the RSS feed for the CFP website that Replacing Wands With Quills was on after you posted about it, so I’d already seen the two that were out – #1 not really fitting my current work, and #2 being entirely too expensive for me to submit to!) Really curious to see how #3 works out though!

  2. Thank you for posting these. I am going to submit a proposal for Ms. Frankel’s project. I am going to write about the challenges of raising a child with autism and how reading Harry Potter helps my son, as well as the whole family.

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