Team Trans Terrorists Attack JKR Venue

Earlier this month, J. K. Rowling and journalist Suzanne Moore held a Lumos fund raising function at Pino’s Italian Restaurant in Kensington. The owner of that venue celebrated the featured speakers for their heroic stands against transgender overreach.

You can read about what happened to him at in an article titled The owner of Pino’s Italian held an event with JK Rowling and a journalist with gender-critical views. In brief, subsequent to that charity event, his restaurant out of nowhere (!) received a host of negative reviews online from transgender activists and, more telling, the actual building in which the restaurant does business was attacked.

One is obliged to note that there is no proof that there is a connection between these attacks and Rowling’s appearance at the restaurant that would lead to a conviction in a court of law. “Could obviously be a coincidence!” as the man says. I am also obliged, however, to say out loud what the perpetrators of such anonymous attacks had in mind, namely, the principal objective of all terrorists, to frighten anyone considering opposing them with the possibility that they might become targets of such attacks themselves.

If anyone has a report of those in Harry Potter fandom who slander Rowling by calling her a transphobe and bigot that have chosen nonetheless to call out transgender activists, Team Trans, who threaten the author with physical violence in their tweets, attack venues where she appears, and act as anonymous terrorists online to chill any resistance to their ’cause,’ let me know. Until then, I’m deaf to the reports — ‘unfounded accusations’ really as there is never any evidence offered beyond feelings and identity — of how “J. K. Voldemort” incited violence against transgender people with her “hateful” tweets and essays.

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