Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter Ultimate Edition (Caveat Emptor!)

Did you catch that the 1800 questions are about the eight movie adaptations, not the book series?

Wingardium trashola! Imagine the fights, I mean, ‘family fun,’ to be had in answering these questions with your favorite serious readers of the Hogwarts Saga…


  1. Kelly Loomis says

    I keep looking at the game on Amazon. Haven’t taken the plunge but probably will soon. Of course it would be movie questions 😡

  2. 1800 questions on the movies? I feel like they are going to be a lot of “What color shirt is Harry wearing in this scene?” Answer: Red, always red. Why didn’t they do a “from the books” and “from the movies “category or something? It’s not like no one has read the the books. (I did watch some of the movies this last weekend since a a couple of the cable channels had a “Back to Hogwarts” weekend. They were better then I remembered. I could see how they work well for people who hadn’t read the books or hadn’t re-read the books constantly.)

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