Troubled Blood ‘Listen Along’ Tomorrow

Professor Freeman posted the news Wednesday that Robert Galbraith’s twitter feed (@RGalbraith) will be sponsoring conversation of Troubled Blood in the run-up to publication of Ink Black Heart. Their plan is to offer questions on that twitter feed every Saturday at 2 PM BST (9 AM Eastern time) for readers to discuss in the comment threads beneath the tweets. See Louise’s post for the dates and chapters for those discussions.

Looking over the original tweet, it has two follow-up parts to the announcement of the ‘Listen Along’ exercise.

Unless I’m really misunderstanding this, the conversation seems to be an outreach to readers — make that ‘audiobook listeners’ — who have not yet read the book or heard the Glenister version of Troubled Blood.

I’m not sure where that leaves the Serious Strikers at HogwartsProfessor and Strike Fans who have been discussing the artistry and meaning of Strike5 for the better part of two years. Out in the cold? If we do more than listen in on the conversation, won’t we inevitably spoil the story for first timers?

Fortunately, I wrote down what I thought of each part of Troubled Blood as I read it, an exercise I doubt I’ll ever repeat given how labored that reading was and how far off-base my guesses were about Whodunnit. I think my contribution to the conversation tomorrow will only be to link to my discussions of Parts One and Two, chapters 1 to 14, posts that include no spoilers because I hadn’t read any further than those chapters, on the @RGalbraith comment threads. I’ll tweet @HogwartsProf (and post here) my own questions about the first fourteen chapters for all of us who have read and listened to the book more than once, even more than twenty or thirty times.

See you then!

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