Tweeted Death Threats to J. K. Rowling

The good news? The Daily Mail reports that this death threat and incitement to lethal violence by a trangender activist has a happy ending (sort of):

Last night, a Police Scotland spokeswoman said: ‘Officers are carrying out enquiries.’

Fiona McAnena of campaign group Fair Play For Women told The Mail on Sunday: ‘The fact that people can make death threats publicly without worry is a telling indictment.’

Yesterday, the abusive profile was finally deleted for violating Twitter rules….

#IStandWith JKRowling was trending on Twitter last night. Ms Rowling’s representatives declined to comment.

I highlight McAnena’s comment as I have above because, though the story ended well with the cancellation of the account for “violating Twitter rules,” a rarity for leftists and a commonplace for experts posting evidence contra the 2020 election, Covid-19, and Ukraine narratives, there’s no mention of charges being brought against this person for doxxing Rowling’s family and urging violent action against them. And does anyone believe, if Rowling hadn’t highlighted this tweet as the especially egregious attack it is, that Twitter or law enforcement would have become involved?

So, a partial win, at best. That “#IStandWith JKRowling was trending on Twitter last night” suggests that, while Rowling is still very much under fire, she is winning the battle for hearts and minds. Please do share with me any public statements decrying the online attacks The Presence and her family suffer, statements made by those who slander Rowling with accusations of being a “transphobe,” “bigot,” and for endangering the lives of those with gender disorder/SSI.

We learned this week that Ink Black Heart turns on online terrorism and a murder consequent to it, supposedly by someone using the name ‘Lawless’ (Anomie). I don’t think we’ll have to do a deep dive into Rowling’s Lake to find the inspiration for that story-line…