Twelve Rowling Story Sources for Potter Pundits: A Treasure Chest from the Vault

I wrote what is called a ‘Lead Magnet’ for an online course I planned to give — Wizard Reading Formula at — in the summer of 2017. I’m pretty sure of the date for this longish piece, though I haven’t checked it, because I put it up in a drop-box on the HogwartsProfessor home page the week I received my reader’s copy of Literary Allusion in Harry Potter, a landmark event. It helps with my memory, too, because one of the things I wrote about the Jane Austen book I chose for this Top Twelve Tomes list was exactly what Bea Groves had written about that same novel, Northanger Abbey. I added a link to her book in addition to a comment she had posted about The Tiger in the Smoke.

I wanted to reference in my thesis something I’d written about Austen and another about Shakespeare from this 72 page booklet — don’t worry, it’s written in large type and comes with many illustrations and chapter cover sheets — but it no longer existed anywhere on the internet. I am obliged to post it here as a pdf via url for that ‘Works Cited’ reference (Granger 2017b) in the PhD dissertation currently preoccupying me.

Much of it, of course, is out of date; there is, for example, no Wizard Reading Formula course on offer at and we’ve learned a lot more about Rowling’s favorite books since I assembled this (thanks in no small part to the efforts of the Professor Groves mentioned above). That being said, there are quite a few gems in the collection; I was especially delighted to find a link to a PhD thesis written on the literary alchemy of Shakespeare (see the ‘Macbeth’ pages). A golden key!

Let me know what you think of this lost treasure found at the back of the HogwartsProfessor vault shared here for the first time in years: 12 Rowling Story Sources for Potter Pundits.

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