Unusual Appearance of Shared Text in Politics

Joe Miller recently launched this hilarious Halloween-themed ad in his US Senate race, calling his opponent “She Who Must not Be Named” and using plenty of campy witch tag-lines. The commerical looks more like an SNL spoof than the real deal, but the shared text hit is intriguing, especially since campaign advertisements are specifically aimed at adults. While critics want to send Harry to the kiddie lit compartment, children can’t vote and would thus not be the target audience here. The grown-ups headed to the polls are clearly expected to “get it”!


  1. Pretty funny if it weren’t coming from someone with Joe Miller’s penchant for lying about his views and employment history. I think it’s an interesting choice of an ad since he tries so hard to appeal to the conservative right who don’t always like Harry Potter. I wonder if his base will really understand it.

  2. What I thought was strange was the serious 5 o’clock shadow? On a prospective Senator? Is this an Alaska thing?

  3. Seems to be a Joe Miller thing. Scott McAdams, the Democrat, is clean shaven and usually dressed in a suit, while Miller did ads in a plaid shirt, even though he’s a lawyer.

  4. The add is excellent and a refreshing aside from the normal election claptrap . The moving newspaper is really the highlight of the whole exercise for me. It is the first time that I have noticed that outside of the movies.
    The script writer is probably the generation that borrowed the books from their kids when they were safely asleep, and knew that all their friends did as well. so as a shared text, it works for quite a large age span .
    Heck, I was in a small maritime town when the last book came out. The next day, several construction workers had the book in their truck and were feverishly reading it on their lunch break as I passed.

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