Vacancy Day of Publication: Rowling Newsletter, YouTube

On Thursday, 27 November, Casual Vacancy is available for reading at last!

To commemorate, celebrate, and highlight the day, Ms. Rowling tells us in her newsletter that the answer to the question”What sort of book is Vacancy?”  is “I love nineteenth century novels that focus on a town or village. This is my attempt to do a modern version.”

She’ll be talking with Mark Lawson tonight at London’s Southbank Centre, which conversation will be livestreamed at 7:30 pm on YouTube at No, I don’t know if that 7:30 pm is Greenwich time or another.Let us know if you know!

Please share below, too, all your day of publication news! (Hat-tip to Katherine for the Newsletter information.)


  1. Thanks for the hat-tip! I thought the comment about doing a modern version of a nineteenth century manners and morals story was striking, given the speculation of that very thing here and elsewhere. Perhaps this is her first foray into bearing the Jane Austen torch for the twenty-first century?

  2. The Conversation at the Southbank Centre is 7.30pm UK time according to the press release, so it’ll be 2.30pm (East Coast) for you guys on the other side of the pond.

  3. Here are some Reviews of Casual Vacancy.

    And the idea of some New HP books!

  4. I’m something like #388 on the library hold shelf so it will be a while before I get my copy! The one round-up of review snippets I skimmed used the word “Dickensian.” Hmm….

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