Wands for the Goblins? Good Point!

eve05 wrote:

I also think that Olivander is in hiding making wands for the impending war, but I think he is fashioning wands for the Goblins, not the elves. Elves have their own source of magic, which is quite powerful… e.g. Dobby overpowered Lucius and sent him crashing down a flight of steps and when”Dobby raised a long, threatening finger”, Lucius “hurried out of sight” CoS pg338

Elves don’t need wands. But Goblins do, and resent not having any.

The Goblin Wars were finally ended only when the Wizards confiscated the Goblins’ wands. The Goblins are still angry with the Wizards for having disarmed them.

DD is preparing for the final showdown with V by seeking allies: he sent Hagrid and Mme. Maxime to the Giants, Lupin to the Werewolves, and Bill to the Goblins.
It has never been explicitly mentioned, but allowing the Goblins to have wands again would be a very strong inducement for their support. Bill is back from his mission, but there has been no mention of its outcome. We only have been told that Olivander and Fortesque, an expert in Medieval history(Goblin history?) are missing.

I would guess that Olivander is making Wands for the Goblins using Fortesque’s knowledge of Goblin History.

I’ve argued at some length (in agreement with the theory’s founder, Travis Prinzi, of Sword of Gryffindor.com) that it is the house-elves who Dumbledore is arming to turn the tables at story’s end with Ollivander wands and I hope you’ll review this thread over at my HogwartsProfessor blog and share your thoughts about it.

There is, of course, no reason that both goblins and house-elves cannot be the heart of Dumbledore’s real army and the wands be his bait to win over the goblins. The house-elves are the more interesting and likely of the two because of their being “the last” among all magical brethren and, hence, the ones most likely to become “first” to satisfy the postmodern theme of the periphery defining the center (not to mention, the amount of space given house-elves versus that devoted to goblins…).

But I love the goblins angle and look forward to reading what you and other readers think about their role in Deathly Hallows.

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