Warning! Master Overwhelmed, Leaves Apprentice at the Helm! [JAB]

In an event perhaps unparalleled in the history of this site, Professor John got overloaded. He is currently pushing all out to meet his publishing deadlines, speaking commitments, work and family responsibilities. Leaving zero time for HogPro duty.

In desperation, he has asked one of his less gifted students to monitor the classroom for a few weeks while he fends off all the other dragons. Therefore, for about the next three weeks, you will see posts coming out with the annotation [JAB] on the end of them. That stands for Moi! JohnABaptist. Hopefully I will not drive off all of the other students before the real Professor returns.

Seeking your pardon in advance for all errors, egregious or subtle, that are certain to follow: Here we go again with a restart of the beloved Chapter Quiz series!


  1. colorless.blue.ideas says

    Well, John-JAB, I’m glad you’ve been left in charge.

    But who is this “less gifted student” that you’re talking about? Will you be sharing the duties with someone else?

  2. Arabella Figg says

    My sympathies to John. I had a feeling he was under deluge.

    I’m sure you’ll do a fine job JAB. I always enjoy your comments, even when not in complete agreement. Best to you!

    Felis Felixus sends a purr your way…

  3. Prayers and good wishes to John and to you, JAB. I know you’ll maintain the level of expertise we’ve come to expect under the Professor’s watch. I admit I was getting concerned when we didn’t get a prompt update on last weekend’s speaking event.

    Question for all HogPros out there: Did you see the news release re: movie 7?? Looks like we’re in for a treat….a two-parter for the purposes of getting LOTS of details included and tying up the storylines from 1-6. Any thoughts?

  4. Two movies? Unlikely!

    John, peeking in

  5. John, I wish I’d made a note of the origin of the rumored 2-parter; alas, I did not. And naturally I cannot locate it. Oh well.

    Personally, I’d relish a really long, detailed DH film…

    Curiously….did you have a link to the highlighted “Unlikely” ? I’ve frozen-up my computer twice trying to access one. (sorry, TMI)

  6. [By JAB]

    Yes, there is a link behind the highlighted “Unlikely”.

    And, yes it currently locks up your browser when you go there. Our friends at HPANA.com are apparently having server problems today.

    Hopefully It will soon come back.

    pj: The link that you originally saw was probably one of the links referenced by that currently inoperative link above. The rumor is definitely out there, however both John the Professor and John A Baptist both doubt that there is any substance to the rumor, and in fact, Warner Bros. has officially stated that no decisions have been made about DH as the script has currently not even been started due to the ongoing Screenwriters Strike.

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