Welcome, ‘Nerd World’ Readers!

Lev Grossman of Time Magazine interviewed me about all things Harrry and Bella last week and our Q&A was posted on the ‘Nerd World’ blog at Time.com this morning — and the article came with a link to Hogwarts Professor. If you are joining us for the first time after reading that online exchange, welcome! Please make yourself feel at home and join in any of the conversations on the various threads here.

I recommend — to get a feel for what the discussions are like at Hogwarts Professor — that you check out last week’s post on the real world Reformation heretics after whom Ms. Rowling named her Muggles (and her Seekers), a note on the allegorical meaning of Dumbledore in Half-Blood Prince (mostly lost in the film, alas), and a free-for-all discussion about whether literary alchemy translates to movie adaptations from text.

If you’re more interested in Twilight conversations, head on over to Forks High School Professor.com, the HogPro Twilight sister site. Either way, “Thanks for joining us!” and “See you tomorrow!”


  1. Arabella Figg says

    Fantastic, John! Congrats on a great interview that’s getting good comments. It’s wonderful that you and Mr.Grossman have kept up the convivial connection from LeakyCon. The last paragraph in comment #4 gave me a good chuckle. I do hope she pops over here for some satisfying discussion about her quarrel with Bella.

  2. Red Rocker says

    Quote of the day!

    I have had to drink from the Mormon fountain through a fire-hose.

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