What Better Way To Spend $60,000?

Fan Pays $60k to Meet Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

It’s for charity, right? Three cheers for the donor of this generous gift.

I post this news item because it reflects the remarkable hold the Twilight books and the films made from them have on readers and viewers. I admit, too, that I also just found it remarkable that there are people with this kind of disposable income. Your thoughts?


  1. I’m shaking my head, John. There are so many useful things that one could do with $60,000 besides having dinner with any celebrity, and I include J.K. Rowling in that. As much as I would love to talk with her over even a soup and salad, if I had that much disposable income I can think of a lot of charities that would get my money first. It’s astounding. But, that being said, I hope whoever it is enjoys their time and feels that it was worth it. And maybe they’ll find some more money they can donate to a food bank or a local soup kitchen.

  2. Since the proceeds went to a charity, I guess I can understand it if the donor thought it was a very good cause. As long as the donor is giving the money to the charity anyway, why not get a fun side benefit. On the other hand, I can’t imagine having the bank roll to make these sorts of donations.

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