Where Did HogPro Go?

What happened? Where did HogPro go?

Long story short: the company that holds the domain name, in Keystone Kops fashion, sent notices that our annual fee was due to an email address of a school where I used to work. When I didn’t pay the bill I didn’t know I had, they turned off the lights. Then, when they turned the lights back on, they pointed the site to their servers which hosted the site way back when (until May 2007). Hence the old school look the last few days. When they finally pointed the site at our server somewhere near New Delhi, it then took 72 hours for restoration of the site on the web. Allentown and Spokane came online again Monday afternoon; Seattle, Rochester, and Connecticut had been up days earlier. Go figure. I have tried to post since but bugs in the machinery eat the posts before they get to the screen.

Anyway, thank you to those who wrote, to the friends who figured out what was happening and fixed the problem, and to those who held my hand and endured my fits of impatience during Clean Week while we waited. It’s good to be back — and about time for me to finish off the ten part series comparing the critical reception of Harry Potter and the Twilight Saga. Tomorrow, though, a real find by Odd in Scandanavia — the probable origin of the “All is well” finish to Deathly Hallows in a story-ending by one of Ms. Rowling’s favorite authors. Stay tuned!


  1. John wrote, “Tomorrow, though, a real find by Odd in Scandanavia — the probable origin of the “All is well” finish to Deathly Hallows in a story-ending by one of Ms. Rowling’s favorite authors.”

    Looking forward to this! Sounds intriguing.

  2. IstariErangua says

    Glad to see you back, John, and also looking forward to your post tomorrow. The ending of Deathly Hallows, while acceptable to me was a bit frustrating…or at least the epilogue.

  3. Red Rocker says

    Definitely sounds intriguing.

    Can’t wait to deconstruct it.

  4. Arabella Figg says

    Yes! We haven’t heard from Odd in a while. I miss him. And am so glad you’re rolling again, John.

  5. Lily Luna says

    Just as long as it’s not from the end of Animal House – the student attempting crowd control, shouting “Don’t Panic! All is well!” as he’s being trampled by the stampeding crowd!

  6. revgeorge says

    Lily Luna, that would be super cool if the ending of DH came from Animal House! It would connect two of the greatest pieces of art of the late 20th & early 21st century. Anyway, Kevin Bacon is great in that scene.

    Although I admit the possibility of JKR having watched & been profoundly influenced by Animal House is rather slim. More’s the pity. 🙂

  7. Lily Luna says

    Correction – the traffic controller in Animal House said “Remain Calm! All is well!” (not “Don’t Panic . . .”).

  8. You haven’t heard from me for a while, Arabella. That is right. But don’t worry: All is well!

    Bergen, Norway

  9. Red Rocker says

    Found the source of “All is well”.

    Must admit: it fits. And it fits very, very well.

  10. Red Rocker says

    It fits so well, in fact, that it sends shivers up my spine.

    Of course I wasn’t educated in England and never lived there, so what strikes me as a stunningly apropos link may be common knowledge over there, known to every school child. So it may not be a shattering revelation at all and may only bring a smile of recognition. But from my untutored perspective, JKR is a lady of infinite knowledge and wit.

  11. I am going to take a huge guess that it’s Jane Austen who influenced the all is good ending. When I read the ending of Twilight, I really did not like it. I wanted a Shakespeare ending. Oh well, in the movie Becoming Jane, it was said that in her books her characters would always get what they wanted in the end. That has to be the explaination for Meyers ending, and maybe Rowlings. That is my take and I can’t wait to read Odd’s.

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