Whoops! HogPro ‘Contact Form’ Glitch

Short version: if you have tried to contact me through the sites ‘Contact’ form in the last year, I haven’t received it. Please re-send! I respond to all my email (eventually) and apologize if your question went unanswered.

Long version: I received a great email on wands the other day via and asked my correspondent to write it up as a ‘Guest Post.’ She agreed and then wrote to say she’d posted it at HogwartsProfessor.

I knew that wasn’t possible and asked how she’d done that. She told me she had used the Contact form.


The good news is that she didn’t lose everything she had written; unlike me, she had saved what she had written in the little comment box before pushing ‘send.’

Because of this lost Guest Post, I asked the web guru who keeps this site up and running if there was a problem with the Contact on-site tab. He checked — and indeed there was. He fixed it and recommended I post something here to ask those who had written to write again.

I thought that was silly. How often do people write me via this tab instead of my john at hogwartsprofessor dot com email address?

I’ve received two messages in the 24 hours since the tab was fixed.

Which, frankly, suggests there are a lot of folks who have tried to contact me since the latest version of the site went up a year ago.

Ouch. My apologies!

Please re-send your question, criticism, or invitation and I will do my best to respond promptly.


  1. hmm… may have been me actually – I seem to remember emailing you once with a random question about how you organized your harry potter research (keeping track of stuff happening in 7 books) and I don’t think I got a response (I assumed because my question was either too vague to respond to or whatever) – I’m still way behind on my own harry potter project thanks to a move so the question would still be valid so I’ll be contacting you again, lol (I just wish JKR would allow e-books then my project would be a LOT easier than rereading them all and trying to take detailed notes on my topic!)

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