Why Rowling Cares about ‘Transitioning’

J. K. Rowling today re-tweeted a thread by a transgender man in which he details the agonies of his irreversible decision to transition surgically from ‘man’ to ‘woman.’ She then re-tweeted a gay man’s response in which he said, “This is why @jkrowling speaks out.” So much of the original thread was deleted by twitter censors that Rowling tweeted this link to an archived posting of the complete piece in its graphic thoroughness. 

Rowling is asked with regularity why she cares so much about the issue of transgenderism and the transitioning of children, to which she responds, “Why don’t you care about this?” That children and adolescents are being allowed to transition chemically and via surgery with its irreversible and radical effects on their lives thereafter is clearly a call to action, to the barricades, for an author who has repeatedly and consistently portrayed the love of God in her work via the selfless and sacrificial love of a mother for her children.

If you want a one-stop tweet to explain Rowling’s anger about the rush to transition children and adolescents, TullipR’s thread is it, as Rowling’s re-tweets today demonstrate.

After the jump, follow-up on the latest news about Ezra Miller, now on the run from the law.


  1. I’m so angry that TullipR’s tweet thread was mass reported. He is doing such important work, and I’m happy to see JKR, and a few others were able to save his thread.

    Ezra Miller obviously needs to be replaced. I think Warner Brothers needs to shake things up, and recast the role of Credence with with TullipR. The phoenix, and rebirth. Perfect.

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