Will Leta Return in Fantastic Beasts 3?

If you had to choose the single biggest problem with Crimes of Grindelwald, the one thing that caused movie-goers to leave the theater saying “What just happened?” in frustration rather than curiosity, I think a good choice among too many options would be the Leta Lestrange story as told in the second Fantastic Beasts film. Go back and read the firstCrimes of Grindelwald: Deleted Scenespost here at HogwartsProfessor. In that post you get Kelly Loomis’ initial look at the scenes we had been shown before the movie’s release that didn’t make the final cut, i.e., the shooting script elements that were edited out of the released film. As I wrote at the time:

Leta Lestrange is the Star of the Shooting Script: Go ahead and count the scenes about Leta’s character that don’t make it into the final cut.

  • There’s the dance scene filmed in the same blue light as the Ampitheater finale (I assume where she meets Theseus or makes contact with Grindelwald’s gang, a parallel that explains Gellert’s conversation with her before she blasts his skull-hookah).
  • And the pub scene with Newt and Theseus, in which I guess Theseus asks him to be his best man and they touch on their shared love for the same woman.
  • And the Dumbledore conversation with Minerva McGonagall, in which I’m guessing they talk about Leta’s time at Hogwarts.
  • Leta and Theseus have a good talk at Hogwarts, too, but we miss out on that which empties their French Ministry exchange of context.
  • And the battle scene with the Ministry cats.
  • And her full flashback scene in the Mausoleum.

As it is, Leta’s story is truncated and her telling, “I love you” to both Newt and Theseus in the climactic battle leaves viewers saying, “Huh?” Her tale of the Corvus Lestrange death on the ship seems to come out of nowhere even with the boggart set-up — and we get hardly a clue about her supposed “wickedness” or relationship with Dumbledore or Grindelwald before she disappears in the Amphitheater flames (my guess is that she is the character to whom Rowling is referring when she says what you think you thought you saw ain’t what happened). Leta was robbed and we all suffered for her fate in the editing of the shooting script’s film.

Leta Lestrange, in brief, was robbed and every person who bought a ticket to see Crimes of Grindelwald was only given a part of the major back story of the film. If we had been given the Leta story in full, the Corvus-Credence-Aurelius mystery would be inviting rather than a senseless jumble.
Rowling told us in 2018 that “Whatever you think you know at the end of the movie might not be the case [you think].” The movie as edited was such a mash-up, it’s a toss-up about what she might have meant. Queenie the traitor? Credence a Dumbledore? Or was it that Leta Lestrange dies that is the event we think happens that didn’t really happen?

Frankly, I hope so and there are two or three encouraging signs in this regard. First, it looks like Zoe Kravitz may have been signed to film new scenes in Beasts 3: Zoe Kravitz Rumored to be Returning. That could, of course, just be for flashback scenes akin to the memories of Hogwarts we got in Crimes of Grindelwald. It could, though, mean that she didn’t die and the two David’s will have another shot at giving us Rowling’s story as written rather than “fitting the woman to the dress,” the corset of Warner Brothers blockbuster formula and time restrictions.

When Kravitz was first signed for the movies, she said she expected to be in more than one film:

 Have they told you how much more you’ll get to be in?
KRAVITZ:  I think there’s a few [movies] ahead. The relationship between Leta and Newt Scamander is a complex relationship, so I think there will be a lot of time for that to grow and develop, which will be fun.

Andrew Sims at Hypable thinks that Leta didn’t die and cites this exchange Kravitz had with Dan Fogler at his inane podcast interview with her:

Dan Fogler: Spoilers.. you get fuckin’ toasted by… you get Blue Fire Toasted.
Zoe Kravitz: Leta Go Bye Bye.
Fogler: Leta Go Bye Bye. Did they give you any idea you’d come back as a ghost or something?
Kravitz: It seems very unclear.
Fogler: I want you to haunt Jacob or something. Like you’ve got something to tell from beyond the grave.
Kravitz: I’d love to do that. A little haunting action would be cool. I don’t know. It was, I think it was a kind of a last minute change that she gets toasted.
Fogler: They’re going to have to bring you back somehow. I think they’re gonna have to.
Kravitz: It’d be cool if they did, but if they don’t, that’s fine.
Fogler: They brought Credence back! The Obscurus helped him. Maybe some kind of Lestrange thing where you reincarnate, like Gandalf.
Kravitz: I’m open to all possibilities.
Fogler: I’m gonna… Well who knows what’s gonna happen, but I’m gonna float that out there. I really want you to come back.

Here’s hoping that Rowling gets a “second bite at the apple” in Beasts 3 to tell the Leta Lestrange story with all its implications for the Newt-Theseus relationship and whether we can trust Dumbledore or not vis a vis Grindelwald. Let me know your thoughts on the subject by clicking on ‘Leave a Comment’ up by the post title.
Hat tip to Kelly Loomis, the HogPro Beasts authority, for all these links and ideas!


  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says

    Fascinating – thank you for this! (Does Beauxbatons have ‘house ghosts’?) Eeeuw – I hope she hasn’t been producing horcruxes… (What do we know about the earlier history of the Mirror of Erised?)

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