Wizard News MidWeek Round-Up

I’m neck deep in some overdue writing but here are some online Potter News Items of general interest. Your thoughts (and patience with me for not sharing my thoughts here just yet) are much appreciated!

*From Computerworld.com: IBM has created a real-world Pensieve. Sounds like more of a Remember-All. “IBM software acts as human memory backup: IBM working on software that just may help you better recollect all the forgotten pieces of your life.”

* In Movie News: the new Batman film did not surpass Harry Potter in UK release date revenues, Jason Isaacs describes the ease with which he becomes Lucius Malfoy (and his eagerness to resume role), and tickets for Daniel Radcliffe’s Broadway run in Equus are going on sale this week.

* Fandom good news and better news: Terminus 2008 opens tomorrow in Chicago but there will be a 30 WRock band concert today as a warm-up and the Harry Potter theme park opening has been delayed until at least 2010. ‘WRock for Darfur‘ will be held 23 August for Potter band fans who didn’t get enough in Chicago.

(All News Items above were collected from Wizard News.com, your one-stop destination for such stuff.)


  1. schmalchemy says

    I’ve never had the opportunity to go to one of these Harry Potter “things”, but I will be going to Terminus 2008 for a day or so. Frankly, none of these have ever been close enough to where I live. I’m rather excited about the prospect, but could use any expertise others may have on the experience of these conferences.

    It even looks like the weather is going to good…not too hot, not too cold, either.

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