You Want Hunger Games Movie News? Check It Out

Melissa Anelli Surveys the First Reviews

Scholastic Shares Soar After Earnings Feast On ‘Hunger Games’

Not unrelated? Scholastic Store in NYC SoHo Hosts Free Movie Night Party

Jennifer Lawrence on Josh’s Kissing and Playing with Fire

Den of Geek: Hunger Games a Great Sci-Fi Flick!

Mockingjay.Net: Full Collection of Premiere Interviews with Cast (“It’s a War Movie!”)

The Hunger Games Movie Has Sold Out >1,000 Theatres a Week Before Release

Parade Interview: Jennifer Lawrence on How the Kardashians Are Like ‘The Hunger Games’

Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Jennifer Lawrence Describes Herself as Having “Survival Skills of Poodle”

People magazine’s Cover story and multiple Features on The Hunger Games this week

Really, to keep abreast of this stuff, you need to use a Google news aggregator or, better, just stay tuned to, the Hunger Games fan site that never sleeps. I learned about all of the above Movie Madness stories from MJay… Back to the books!


  1. Louise M. Freeman says

    On, the movie has 14/14 positive reviews!

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