YouTube: How Harry Potter Should Have Ended


  1. Hmmmmm. Okaayyyyyy. And we’re supposed to do what with this?????
    Call me jaded, skeptical, or just plain old-fogey, but fanfiction does not interest me. I watched the clip thinking the epilogue was going to be the focus.
    I was wrong.
    Hope other HogPro All-Pros found something redeeming in the feature.

  2. I thought it was brilliant! A prime example of how Harry Potter has really taken root in the imagination of our generation. Also, it was just hilarious! Honey Badgers? Gandalf? I actually wondered why no one thought of going back in time and killing Voldemort; that would’ve been useful, no? Thanks for posting this!

  3. pj, the piece wasn’t meant as fan fiction or anything serious. It’s parody or satire, & it’s hilarious. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I might say, the cartoon Dumbledore was way better than a certain actor portraying Dumbledore. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    To conclude, Honey Badger just takes what it wants.

  4. Is it bad that the honey badger video made me shout, “YEAH!! That’s why Hufflepuffs RULE!!!!”??

  5. I’ve seen it before, and I altogether loved it. It made a lot more sense than the actual book, IMHO (sorry – it’s true!)

  6. Oh, and Hufflepuffs do rule!

  7. I can see your point, Revgeorge. Guess I’m not “satire-savvy”.

    I DO agree with you re: cartoon Dumbledore, even tho I am not a fan of this type of animation overall.

    Oh, to be younger and less set in my ways!!!!

  8. revgeorge & pj, I don’t know if you both noticed but there were two different Dumbledore’s in this cartoon, so yes revgeorge, you still couldn’t get away from (that) Dumbledore even in this version. :0)

    Oh! and by the way if Hermione had used (or given) the timeturner other than the way JKR used it in the books we would have probably had only ONE book instead of seven!
    Looking at JKR’s income through HP in the last 13 years or so I think she is rather happy to have had the seven volumes written rather than one.

  9. Tinuvielas says

    And so in character! Snape the byronic hero… and Gandalf โ€“ “You shall not pass!” indeed!
    That clip made my day…! I mean, really: The logical flaw of the time-turners (one of many) has been commented on for a while. Story still works, of course, but “only” as story, i.e. suspending disbelief.
    Anyway, those who dislike this kind of parody: This is Postmodern Storytelling at its best. It doesn’t discount or degrade the original, but rather plays with it by evoking and mixing it with other cultural contexts.
    That said, I’m looking forward to “Cowboys and Aliens”… P

  10. LOOOOL “I can-” “avada kedavra!” wayy better than the movie!!!!!

  11. Chris Miller says

    When did Harry Potter ever mention Honey Badgers anti-venom?

    Why not oh, let’s see, PHOENIX TEARS applied to the wound, like in Chamber of Secrets? After all, Snape would inherit Falks now that he was Headmaster of Hogwarts.
    Or simply swallow a BEZOR, like he wrote in his book as the Half-Blood Prince, and which he said cured most poisons?

    However Nigili didn’t kill by venom IIRC, but by his bite alone; that’s how Arthur Weasley survived long enough to be cured, since any poison would have killed him within minutes.

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