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My friend at Zossima Press just called me to say that Hidden Key to Harry Potter is now back in print and personalized, autographed copies of this almost facsimile edition and Who Killed Albus Dumbledore?are shipping daily. Unlocking Harry Potter is going to the publishing juggurnaut, who will be sending us copies for autographs and shipping by February 21, five months to the day before Deathly Hallows appears.

You can order them all here.


  1. I received Hidden Key last week, John. Thank you for signing it–it makes it very special that way.

    I’ve started reading, but I have had real life getting in the way of my reading, or of keeping up with the posts and comments here. So, I’m way behind where I thought I’d be, but eventually I’ll catch up.

    I’m looking forward to Unlocking HP as well–at some point I’ll order WKAD. My reading list just keeps getting longer.

    With all the visits to doctor appointments with Terry in January, I decided to start reading something long–so I picked up Brothers Karamazov off my shelf. Now that things have become more routine, I’m not going to all the appointments, so I’m now trying to find time to finish that one as well.

    You know, one of the things I’ll miss the most when we’ve all read Deathly Hallows and discussed it for a while is this whole process of speculation. It’s been fun and enlightening, and I doubt that we’ll ever have anything quite like this again. So I do appreciate, John, that you’ve pointed us in a direction of more literature than just HP. I’m quite enjoying that as well.


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