2012 Tour at Wizarding World in Orlando

If you missed Leaky-con, or have otherwise not gotten your chance to enjoy The Wizarding World at Universal yet (or even if you have, but you just can’t get enough!), here’s your chance to enjoy the park and some other, very special experiences next year. Our friends at HP Fantrips have all the details on what looks to be a fantastic adventure. Check out the link, or follow the jump for some more details. And, as you are planning your Harry Potter-type travel for the next year, don’t forget the University of St. Andrews conference !

The HP Fan Trips program offers unique activities which other packages do not including :

· Limited attendance at Wizarding World of Harry Potter

· Meet and Greet with Harry Potter actors in casual setting

· Exclusive use of luxury property for gatherings and pajama parties

· Scavenger Hunt with cash and prizes as the village of Celebration becomes a stand-in for “Hogsmeade”

· UK – based storytellers and guides

· And more!

HP Fan Trips at Wizarding World is a great opportunity for friends who traveled together on past trips to the UK or US to meet up. Every year I see so many friendships made with plans to get together again – it is one of my favorite things about our trips! To encourage friends who met on particular trips to come together in June at Wizarding World (or for any group such as school groups), we will include a t-shirt for each member.

Reservations can be made at http://hpfantrips.com/reserve-hpft-ww.cfm

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