A Round-Up of HogPro ‘Hunger Games’ Posts!

HogwartsProfessor.com is best known for its discussions of Harry Potter and Twilight artistry and meaning. Recently, though, the boards here have been lively with posts and conversation about Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy, the last novel of which series, The Mockingjay, comes out this August. If I say so myself, the speculation and insights here are the best of any website going (if there is a real absence of guessing about which teen actors and actresses should be chosen for the movie parts…).

For those of you who have come late to the HogPro examination of Ms. Collins’ brilliant work, here is a round-up of the key posts by John Granger, Elizabeth Baird Hardy, and Louise Freeman with topics and dates spelled out. Please join in the conversations!

Posts by John Granger:

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Posts by Elizabeth Baird Hardy:

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Posts by Louise Freeman:

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  1. Kimberly Church says

    Peeta: One of the ‘Primes’

    You guys are hot on the ball when it comes to insight and analysis, so I decided to re-read, and take note of some of ideas I’ve read, and the only thing that stands out to me that I didn’t see before was the relationship Peeta has with all the Rebel Primes, (the name I have for people who are obviously involved in the rebellion, or the storyboard for the rebellion). I consider the Primes to be people like Haymitch, Cinna, Finnick, etc.

    Here’s my hardcore proof that you die-harders will seek for my opinion, (pardon me if it has already been mentioned). 🙂
    We obviously know that Cinna is an involved “Prime” but for some reason, uncomfortable with his involvement, and that is curious. Maybe because his marked acts are more obvious acts of rebellion, and this stands out.

    p.48: “You’re new, aren’t you? I don’t think I’ve seen you before,” I say. Most of the stylists are familiar, constants in the ever-changing pool of tributes. Some have been around my whole life. “Yes, this is my first year in the Games,” says Cinna.

    Right before the opening ceremonies, p.50, “…everyone is absolutely giddy with excitement over what a splash we’ll make. Except Cinna. He just seems a bit weary as he accepts congratulations.”

    What is curious is that at first, it doesn’t seem that Cinna and Haymitch are part of the same rebellion, which goes to say that either the “network” isn’t in communication yet. p. 58 “Whose idea was the hand holding?” asks Haymitch. “Cinna’s,” says Portia. “Just the perfect touch of rebellion,” says Haymitch. “Very nice.” Rebellion? I have to think about that one a moment

    Now stick with me…here comes the part with Peeta…

    After Katniss sees the red-headed Avox for the first time, Peeta recognizes that she wants to talk and then says something I didn’t catch the first time on p.61, “Peeta picks up on my hesitation. “Have you been on the roof yet?” I shake my head. “Cinna showed me. You can practically see the whole city. The wind’s a bit loud, though.” I translate this into “no one will overhear us talking” in my head.”

    The question I have here is why did Cinna need to speak in private to Peeta? He isn’t Peeta’s stylist…Portia is. Loud giveaway…how did I miss this the first time?

    Then when Katniss asks if they were being taped on the roof, Peeta replies on p.61, “Maybe,” he admits. “come see the garden.” On the other side of the dome, they’ve built a garden with flower beds and potted trees. From the branches hang hundreds of wind chimes, which account for the tinkling I head. Here in the garden, on this windy night, it’s enough to drown out two people who are trying not to be heard. Peeta looks at me expectantly.”

    Not only did Cinna “show” Peeta the roof, he showed him a place to speak in private…what did Cinna need to tell Peeta in private? Perhaps he saw Peeta take initiative with the hand-holding during opening ceremonies and decided to let him in on the plan…or perhaps Peeta is the go-between for Cinna and Haymitch…

    Either way, Peeta has come a long way from the boy who cried hard at the reaping, to the boy who suddenly has a calm resolve at the opening ceremonies, the tribute training, just chilling out in the mud, on the train during their victory tour…the juxtaposition is too much to suggest that such a significant change could happen just like that. Anyway…just my two cents. What do you think about Peeta? k. pura vida

  2. Great catch on the Peeta-Cinna rooftop connection! That’s an important find. We have the Cinna connection to Haymitch and proof that Peeta isn’t clueless about what’s going on. His conversation with Katniss on the rooftop is when he all but tells her they have to act out their defiance of the Games.

    Your deduction and catch makes me think he has been coached by Cinna.

    Again, great catch!

  3. Arabella Figg says

    Yes, I became convinced on my reread last week that Peeta wasmeasured, then taken in very quickly and became further convinced that Gale was a latecomer, after his whipping. The personalities and natures of the two boys highlight this.

    Peeta begins orchestrating things with remarkable calm from the get-go. And that whole conversation on the beach with Katniss–setting everything up, letting go, reminding her of his ties and emphasizing his lack of them; all actions of one who knows she’ll make it and he won’t.

    Peeta was allowed to be captured by the Capitol, to do further undercover work, divert the government from District 13, and with his charm and public relations skills, be a sympathetic reminder and rallying point to Capitol citizens. Katniss is right about his great value.

    Haymitch exudes guilt to our unreliable narrator at the end of CF not because Peeta was captured, but because he (Haymitch) broke the promise forced on him by Katniss to protect Peeta, a promise he knew he couldn’t keep. I’ve been pondering the meaning of his rage and “terrible” words to her after her rescue.

    And I’m still believing that Effie is part of the Pearl Plot.

  4. Arabella Figg says

    I further speculate that Effie’s obsession with the Victory Tour schedule is due to the clandestine meetings she and Haymitch have arranged with District victors. As these victors are risking exposure and perhaps their lives, the meetings must take place as scheduled. Even though the public announcement re who will fight in the Quarter Quel,l has yet to take place, arrangements for mentors and tributes must be worked out that further the rebellion, just as Heavensbee tried to tip off Katniss.

  5. We have no proof Cinna is dead, do we?? He certainly took a beating that should have killed him, but I believe he is being held captive by President Snow: Cinna’s interactions with Katniss, Effie, and Haymitch would warrant further interrogation in hopes of squelching (quelling?!?) future attempts at undermining the Capitol’s hold on the Districts and interfering with HGs 76 and following.

    Cinna might be a diversion as well: taking the focus from more deeply imbedded rebellion supporters (Kimberly’s “Primes”). Whatever the case…Cinna’s performance was stellar!!!!

    AND…if the Capitol was truly threatened by Cinna’s symbolic designs, why was he allowed to continue into the Quarter Quel? Why not eradicate his defiant little self after the 74th HGs?

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