Arresting Your Mom: Tom Burke’s Mother as Janice in the BBC Troubled Blood?

Cormoran Strike actor Tom Burke gave a recent interview to The Guardian where he dropped a super-strong hint about his real-life mother’s role in the Troubled Blood TV adaptation. Actress Anna Calder-Marshall was announced as part of the cast last February, but her exact role has yet to be mentioned. Given the familial relationship to title star Burke, many speculated that Ms. Calder-Marshall would be Aunt Joan Nancarrow.  However, Burke’s recent statement suggests otherwise:

Doesn’t your mother, Anna Calder-Marshall, appear in the new series?
She does and she’s fantastic in it. The first scene we had was also with Carol MacReady, who’s a wonderful actor. Her and my mum go way back and it was a joy to be in a scene with both of them. I haven’t acted with my parents in a long while, since doing Victoria Wood sketches and silly stuff in local theatre in Kent.

Carol MacReady plays Irene, making it almost inevitable that Ms. Calder-Marshall is Janice. Is there any other character you would expect to be in a scene with both Strike and Irene?

If true, this will be a nice bit of Strike-trivia going forward. Can anyone think of another detective-killer duo played by a real-life parent-offspring pair?

I suggest reading the full interview; it has some interesting tidbits not only about Troubled Blood, but about Burke’s late godfather, Alan Rickman.

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  1. Lol, that will be amazing. What would I give to play a scene with my mother; “Mom, how dare you poison these dozens of people, including this wonderful doctor and mother?!” My mom would think it was hysterical too.

  2. How wonderful!

    I’ve been waiting for an appropriate place to mention something related to Strikefans. If anyone has any connection to them, could they ask why their already impressively long list of IBH locations does not include Cambridge? They seem to have completely forgotten about it. Some of their locations do not yet have pictures associated with them, but they at least appear in the list. Much appreciated 😀

  3. Louise Freeman says

    Elisa: You can contact them directly through their site at:

  4. I am eagerly awaiting for the Troubled Blood film to be released in the USA. I have all the other Strike films. Usually I don’t care for films made from books, but you captured the character. I have also read the last Strike book that came out in August “the Ink Black Heart”, and enjoyed it. Still alot of foreplay between Strike and Robin. Enjoying it, but do they ever get together or share their feelings for each other?

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