2020 Harry Potter Academic Conference Recorded Talks Are Now Available Online

Updated to include keynote address by Dr. Timothy Snyder!!

One of the advantages of the Harry Potter Academic Conference at Chestnut Hill College going online this year is that people from further away could attend, and that several presenters who pre-recorded their talks are sharing them through Youtube, personal websites or other venues.

I am including the link to my humor talk here (‘Beyond Zonko’s: Psychological Explanations of Humor in the Wizarding World’). In addition, I have listed several others below the jump and will continue to add more as I become aware of them.

All opinions expressed in the several talks described and linked to below are those of the individual presenters and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of any of the HogwartsProfessor faculty members.

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Lethal White TV Production: Louise’s Review of the Bronte Strike 4 Adaptation

We interrupt the fascinating discussion of Troubled Blood for a brief review of another recent Cormoran Strike release:  the Bronte Film and Television production of Lethal White for the BBC. It premiered on August 30 in the UK, and, at four episodes, was the longest Strike season to date. The most notable bit of casting was Robert Glenister, brilliant narrator of all five Strike audiobooks, as Jasper Chiswell. We Yanks haven’t had official access to the production yet, though it, like the other Strike series, will presumably turn up on Cinemax.

But, a YouTuber calling himself Nikolas Ravenclaw has posted all four episodes (with Greek subtitles) as well as the two Career of Evil episodes. US Strike fans might be well-advised to seek it out before the copyright police step in.

I have watched the series a couple of times and have written out my impressions here after the jump.  Many spoilers ahead!

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Tune into Queen City Mischief and Magic for the Hogwarts Professor’s first public talk, post-Troubled Blood

I was fortunate enough to be able to recruit our Headmaster for a Zoom-recorded conversation on the Cormoran Strike Series for the online Queen City Mischief and Magic festival, in this, the Year that Shall Not Be Named. This is, to my knowledge, the first public speech he has given that mentions Troubled Blood, its place in the Strike series and its connections, as predicted, to both Order of the Phoenix and Career of Evil.   

The talk was aimed at convincing adult Harry Potter fans who have not yet checked out the series to do so, and, as such, we avoid major spoilers.  There is no mention of the the killers in each book and the major developments in romantic relationships of the protagonists.

Nonetheless, Serious Strikers are invited to tune in to Facebook see the presentation.  Please leave your comments on the festival page (and hashtag your favorite Hogwarts House to earn festival points!) but please no spoilers.

Thank you, John!

Queen City Mischief and Magic goes online for The Year That Shall Not Be Named.

I have been part of this festival since it debuted (as Queen City Potter Party) in 2016.  What was originally hoped to be a few hundred fans gathered to celebrate the publication of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child wound up attracting a several thousand visitors and shutting down the the streets of Staunton VA for the day.

This year, with the COVID situation, the festival has gone online.  This is sad news for us locals who have enjoyed the in-person fellowship for that past four years, but good news for those of you who can’t routinely travel to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.  Please check out the offerings on Facebook:  In particular, Hogpro readers are invited to attend my lectures on Muggle Scientists and Magical Names and Hermione, Katniss and Tris: Which two are most alike?  And stay tuned here, because I am still hoping for a Cormoran Strike talk from our Headmaster.


Troubled Blood Compilation #5: Flints, Errors and Head-scratchers. Spoiler Alert

When J.K. Rowling kept Marcus Flint around for an 8th year in Hogwarts, the term “flint” was adopted as a word for an error or continuity mistake in the Harry Potter series.  Some, such as James and Lily emerging from Voldy’s Wand in the wrong order, were even corrected in later editions.

The Cormoran Strike series, sadly, is not immune from this tendency. We have, for instance, heard Strike muse about having both eight and seven half-siblings. Ciara Porter of Cuckoo’s Calling mysteriously changed her surname to Parker by Lethal White.  And so on…  

I’m starting this post for readers to make note of any errors they spot when reading and re-reading Troubled Blood.  I’ll start my list after the jump; please be aware there could be spoilers there or in the comments section.

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