Collection site: How we can know if the Strike Cast Twitterers have the inside scoop.

Speculation abounds on whether the assorted Cormoran Strike characters  who opened Twitter accounts in July and August (E.g. @AlabastorFair, @AnomieInkBlack, @IlsaHerbertOS, @Spellacott) are insiders with a sneak peak at the manuscript (which is, as of this writing, a couple of weeks away) or just uber-fans with too much time on their hands throwing the online equivalent of a midnight release party. There is a spectrum of possibilities:

  1. JKR/RG herself is behind all the tweets. Highly unlikely. But, personally, if managing all these accounts left her less time to tweet about trans issues, this would suit me fine.
  2. An editor or some other employee of the publisher is tweeting, in order to drum up excitement about the book prepublication.
  3. Some fan group has been given a sneak peak at the manuscript, and is tweeting with the knowledge and blessing of the publishers, likely with their content vetted closely.
  4. Some fan group has illicitly gotten hold of a copy, and is having some fun, while at the same time being decent enough not to drop any spoilers.
  5. Some fan group is just having fun, with no more knowledge than the rest of us.

Can we do a little detective work of our own to determine which of those possibilities is true? Join me after the jump to see.

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Winning a Fictional Prize in a Fictional Contest: Chatting with Strike Characters

We here at Hogpro have been enjoying following the Twitter accounts of all the Cormoran Strike characters that have popped up recently, and speculating who might be the mastermind and whether the tweets are providing clues to The Ink Black Heart. Being a bit of a competitor, when I lucked into this post a mere hour after it went up, I couldn’t resist responding.

All it took was a quick google and I had the answer.

Now, this is clearly a potentially mixed blessing.  Given the very real possibility that Peter Gillespie killed Leda, I certainly hope all contact remains distant. However, if I do hear from him, I could try to clear up a major mystery by making some discreet inquiries about how much money is in Strike’s child support account.

And, if a Deadbeats 50th anniversary souvenir travel mug does indeed arrive in the mail, I can display it with my prize Ravenclaw water bottle.

Another arrival in the Twitter fest was the account of Robin’s furry roommate, one Wolfgang Priestwood. So far, he hasn’t said much other than, “Woof!” but he had an interesting response to Peter.

This does not bode well for Gillespie, Esquire’s innocence.

My final thought: If you look at the entire poem, it certainly seems fitting for a spooky cemetery.  Reminds me a bit of The Hunger Games’ “Hanging Tree” song.

I WAS milking in the meadow when I heard the Banshee Keening:
Little birds were in the nest, lambs were on the lea,
Upon the brow o’ the Fairy-hill a round gold moon was leaning—
She parted from the esker as the Banshee keened for me.
I was weaving by the door-post, when I heard the Death-watch beating:         5
And I signed the Cross upon me, and I spoke the Name of Three.
High and fair, through cloud and air, a silver moon was fleeting—
But the night began to darken as the Death-watch beat for me.
I was sleepless on my pillow when I heard the Dead man calling,
The Dead man that lies drowned at the bottom of the sea.         10
Down in the West, in wind and mist, a dim white moon was falling—
Now must I rise and go to him, the Dead who calls on me.


The author, Alice Furlong is a Irish poet and activist in an ultra-nationalist group.  She and Polworth ought to get along.

Happy Tweeting, everyone.




Placeholder Post: Cormoran Strike Errors Corrected In Later Editions

As the Cormoran Strike series grows in length, complexity and number of readers, more and more errors are noticed by sharp-eyed fans. Just as with Harry Potter, some of those errors are being corrected in later editions.

This post is being compiled to both collect all Hogpro posts on book errors we have found, and as a place to report any corrections or changes readers spy in later editions. Please list in the comments sections.


  1. Errors first noted in Cuckoo’s Calling.
  2. Errors from Lethal White.
  3. Errors from Troubled Blood
  4. The life and times of Donald Laing gets its own post. 
  5. Rowling/Galbraith is not good with dates. 
  6. I mean, really, really not good. 


  1. The most elaborate (and probably least necessary, since the will was still invalid!) correction was the addition of Aussie-Vashti-Saleswoman Mia Thompson to The Cuckoo’s Calling. This was the most elaborate correction seen in Ms. Rowling’s work to date, requiring the addition of a new named character and edits of multiple chapters.

2. One error caught quite early, and therefore present in only the first printing of Troubled Blood, was a continuity error when Strike and Robin were enjoying fish and chips in Skegness. Strike discovered he was out of cigarettes. He suggests buying some. Then, Robin is surprised by Gloria Conti’s message.  After their exchange on this topic, Strike “lights himself another cigarette.” Then, a mere few lines later, they “set off in search of cigarettes.”  This error was fixed in later editions of the hardback, the audiobook and the paperback.

3. The TB audiobook also initially changed the name of Strike’s oldest woman friend from Ilsa (“Ill-sah”) to Isla (“Eye-lah”). Thus was largely corrected in later editions.

4. Hogpro reader PerLish kindly pointed out that the “newborn Lucy” who was left in St. Mawes with four-year old Strike has now been amended to “2-year-old,” in the paperback version of Troubled Blood, making the siblings’ relative ages consistent with the rest of the series.

When I passed this information on to the Twitter group, participant @LudicrousMonica checked her Troubled Blood paperback and found a few others:

5. In Chapter 21, “Irene and Janice’s row” is corrected to “Irene and Margot’s row.”

6. The original chapter 36 had Cynthia Phipps offering to make coffee, then coming back and pouring everyone tea, then refilling Roy’s tea, then Roy taking “another sip of coffee.”  It has been corrected to be 100% tea. Note:  We missed this error in our summary post.

7. Thankfully, Robin is now remembering going to three funerals in her life. She first speaks of her grandfather’s funeral, when she dropped out of university.  Strangely, however, the following paragraph, about Rochelle Onifade’s cremation, still begins with “The only other funeral…” Mrs. Cunliffe’s services–and the fact that Robin nearly missed them–still don’t get a mention.  Rather bizarre; if you are going to correct it, why not do a full job of it? Surely space wasn’t an issue, after the wordage devoted to Mia Thompson?

Alas, Dave Polworth’s mother is still in Schrodinger’s Cat limbo. 

I hope this post will inspire holders of all the paperbacks to go back and take a look to see what else has been changed.  Please enter in the comments so we can maintain a master list.

Official Troubled Blood Readalong in the Countdown to Ink Black Heart

I spied this on Twitter and plan to join in!  @RGalbraith

Strike and Ellacott Files Podcast Makes Final Ink Black Heart Predictions.

Our friends at The Strike and Ellacott Files podcast have posted their final Ink Black Heart predictions show, revised in light of the cover and blurb.  They kindly included a couple of my predictions (one they liked, one they didn’t). They also gave a recommendation to Beatrice Grove’s brilliant first look at the cover.

In the interest of returning the favor, I urge everyone anticipating IBH to check it out.