The Running Grave to be Published in September

According to Amazon and numerous other booksellers, the official release date in September 26th.  Page count is 832, which may feel like a novella compared to the last two.

Five months to go!  (or, depending on when you are reading this, less.  Click link below to be exact.)

Countdown to The Running Grave


  1. I’m already thinking about Strike 8… has JKR given any hints that she’s working on anything further? While I know the 7 book ring is a sacred tenet on this site, I would kind of hate it if this was indeed the last Strike book, or if there was a significant hiatus after it…

  2. japanese editions stopped at Strike 2, according to what’s available on Amazon. Harry Potter books on the other hand have them both in japanese editions and kindle. am a bit sad.

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