Aurelius and the Philosopher’s Stone

Hat tip, Kelly!


  1. Louise Freeman says

    I still think that Credence/Aurelius is Percival Dumbledore’s son, that he sired after escaping Azkaban. The ministry would probably want to cover up the escape and could have faked his death to conceal it.
    How did he escape Azkaban? The same way Albus escaped arrest in Order of Phoenix— with the help of his trusty phoenix.

  2. Kelly Loomis says

    I don’t know what to think. Rowling so often misleads and misdirects. If Percival did escape via a “Fawkes” rescue, where was he and for how long??? Would an escaped Percival be a big enough plot twist for Rowling or for us fans? Has all of our guessing and study of Rowling numbed us to what a big twist this would be after all of these years believing he had died in prison? Was Kendra Credence’s mother? And was that her on the ship with Credence leaving to hide herself and Credence from the wizarding community? The actress matches the description Harry gave of the picture he saw of the Dumbledore’s in DH. Where was Percival? Maybe it was he who died that summer rather than Kendra and they used a funeral and casket to hide him and enable Kendra to “escape” to America.

  3. Minerva Kolb says

    I think that this is a great theory! I want to add that the Fantastic Beasts logo also turned into gold after it has been silver for the first two films. I always tried to make some theories around this but this is probably the best explanation. And I love that they are hinting what’s to come in the next movies by changing the logo!

    Greetings from Germany

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