BBC Production of Troubled Blood to Premiere This Fall

The Radio Times listed the BBC TV production of Troubled Blood as coming this autumn. I can only assume the TV program will be timed to coincide fairly closely with the debut of The Ink Black Heart, in hopes of sparking mutual interest. The most current cast list is available here. Of special interest are the returning cast.  Apart from Tom Burke as Strike and Holliday Grainger as Robin,* there’s Ben Crompton as Shanker, Jack Greenlees as Barclay, Kerr Logan as the Flobberworm Matthew, Ian Redford as Uncle Ted, Sarah Sweeny as Lucy and, most interestingly, Christina Cole as Izzy Chiswell, which suggests she may have more to do in this production than simply send an email. It also looks like a lot of the story will be told in flashback, given the age of the actress playing Margot Bamborough, and the inclusion of both a young Roy Phipps and a Young Cormoran Strike.

This fall will definitely be Strike Season. No word on when U.S. audiences will see the series, though.

*Note to journalists: she’s his partner, not a sidekick!


  1. Did you see the series starring Holliday Grainger as a DCI, ‘The Capture’ in the advertisement picture? From the series’ Wikipedia page:

    After being acquitted of a war crime in Afghanistan, former United Kingdom Special Forces Lance Corporal Shaun Emery finds himself accused of the kidnapping and murder of his barrister Hannah Roberts, backed by damning CCTV evidence. Whilst Emery works to clear his name, fast-tracked Detective Inspector Rachel Carey of Homicide and Serious Crime Command begins to uncover a complex conspiracy surrounding Emery, calling into question the validity of the footage.

    Ms Grainger gave birth to twins a year ago so it must not be a stretch for her to play a character (characters?) who are exhausted, consumed by a vocation, and torn between the priorities of motherhood and a job she loves and at which she excels. ‘The Capture’ is in its second season so I assume she is as good in the leading role of DCI Rachel Carey as she was as Estella in ‘Great Expectations’ — the film in which Harry Potter met the Strike series — and she is as Strike’s “sidekick” (egad!).

    I still have not watched ‘Career of Evil’ or the ‘Lethal White’ Bronte Studio’s adaptations and doubt that I will catch ‘Troubled Blood’ on teevee, either. (It galls me to have the handsome and short Cormoran Strike in my head already, though Ms Grainger’s only problem as Robin is she is much more attractive than the actress playing Charlotte…). I look forward, though, to reading here the tidbit clues Rowling drops via the approved scripts, cf. Prof Freeman’s note above about Izzy.

  2. Rebecca N says

    Because of the two pictures of Holliday Grainger, I thought the whole paper was a spread on Troubled Blood and was a little annoyed with Professor Freeman for cutting off the left side at first. Apologies!

    The first season of The Capture was really good. It’s interesting to see Holliday Grainger go from Estella and wicked stepsister from the live action Cinderella to detective Partner and police drama.

  3. Are we to assume from the pictures, because the character that Ms Grainger plays in ‘The Capture’ has relatively short hair compared to the strawberry blond locks of Ms Ellacott, that the actress wears a wig in her ‘Strike’ role?

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