Bertie Botts: The Secret of the Barf Bean

Yesterday’s post about the ‘Trivial Pursuit World of Harry Potter Ultimate Edition’ and its being film rather than book based was something of a downer. Here, perhaps, is a bit of good news with what I think is a fascinating factoid: Jelly Belly, the professional confectioners that market Wizarding World chocolates and the like, are coming out with a new line this holiday season — and we’ll be getting some extra risky Every Flavored Beans!

Now, Jelly Belly is a weird bunch when it comes to their wilder flavors (check out the ‘Dead Fish’ and ‘Lawn Clippings’ in their non-Harry Potter collection called ‘The Bean Boozled Challenge’). The new Bertie Botts set includes the notorious ‘Vomit’ flavored bean, which is ‘Barf’ in Bean Boozled. How did they ever come up with some kind of consensus about what vomit tastes like in their olfactory laboratory? It turns out it was something of an accident. From The Atlantic, ‘Sweet Memories: How Jelly Belly Invents Flavors’

Sometimes a flavor must be recalled: Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie flavor, for instance, is back in development, because it turns out that nobody’s grandma makes pumpkin pie in exactly the same way. Occasionally, the scientists’ success overtakes them, as when an experimental four-cheese pizza bean managed to empty a whole mixing room with its noxious smell. But even disasters can redeem themselves: with the release of the company’s Beanboozled novelty line, cheese pizza, with a few tweaks, became barf. “They sell like hotcakes,” Brasher says.

As the lactose intolerant guy in the room, that makes sense to me. Cheese, even the smell of cheese, makes me want to wretch…

On a cheerier note, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is now selling Butterbeer ice cream! Look for that in your neighborhood grocery store’s dairy case in the near future…


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