Blue Bunny Found in Omaha, Nebraska!

Read all about the miraculous saving of a Blue Bunny — well, violet but close enough — found in an Omaha, Nebraska, street, carefully rescued, a search made for its owner, and then lovingly cleaned and restored (see below).

The wild thing is that no one in the article mentions the Blue Bunny in J. K. Rowling’s Christmas Pig or the author’s testimony that the story episode of the Blue Bunny’s finding by Jeanne was a retelling of her daughter Mackenzie Jean finding a Blue Bunny doll years ago.  As Rowling explained to children participating in a Scholastic sponsored chat about Christmas Pig:

The Blue Bunny was also inspired by a real life incident in my family. My youngest daughter, she found a muddy little blue bunny in the flower bed that had obviously been there for years. And just like the mother in the story, I said, ‘It will break the washing machine if we put that bunny in the washing machine.’ She really begged me to keep it and she still has that blue bunny which must have been dropped by a child in the garden a long time ago but we managed to clean Blue Bunny up pretty well. So that was also inspired by something that happened in my family. (Thanks to Nick Jeffery for the link and time, ~7:50)

The finding of Blue Bunny is perhaps the single most important moment in Christmas Pig outside of the Harrowing of the Loser’s Lair (as I explained in an epic post ‘Christmas Pig 5: The Blue Bunny‘). I love this Omaha news story, consequently, and suspect that in a few years no one will find and rescue a Blue Bunny or even a lavender one and not think, “Just like the story!”

The Blue Bunny Lives! Long Live the Blue Bunny!

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