Can you be a ‘Fundamentalist’ and ‘Sorcerer’ Simultaneously?

You can if you are the President of Iran. According to an article in The Guardian (UK), Ahmadinejad Allies Charged with Sorcery, the confrontational leader is under fire in his own country both because of his “fundamentalist” Shia beliefs in the imminent return of the Mahdi and because his personnel are “charged with being ‘magicians’ and invoking djinns (spirits).” Imagine being accused of being the ideological hermaphrodite of Harry Hating and the very things that Harry Haters condemn (falsely) in Harry.

To be caught between a Rock and a Sorcerer’s Stone! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


  1. Entertaining at the least, though not for the persecuted, I am sure. But, at least, someone besides me and Disney have read the Arabian Nights!

  2. Epoetker says

    During my Iraq tour I had a chance to have dinner with a former major in Saddam’s army. He told me that Saddam kept several ‘sorcerers.’ Or at least, people with paranormal abilities. Said that the only one he knew personally was a guy who could predict the location of anyone Saddam wanted found, anywhere.

    I thus support the allegations completely and hope that Aurors may be dispatched to Tehran posthaste. Last thing we need is Voldemort with nukes.

    And am now strangely gratified that the furthest our military was (publicly) willing to go was The Men Who Stare at Goats.

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