Golden Links and Sausage Links

I’ll be posting short versions of my Prophecy 2007 talks tomorrow but today I wanted to share some of the things I have been reading on the Internet. For your comment, correction, and amusement, I give you hyperlinks to an article in The Guardian about the Church of England and Harry Potter and something similar from The Telegraph about winning souls with Harry. [Read more…]

Deathly Hallows Discussion: Five More Points!

Five More Deathly Hallows HogPro Discussion Points!

26. Struggling To Believe: The Dateline/Today Interviews
27. The Bloomsbury Chat
28. Opening and Closing Chapters
29. Arthuriana
30. Best Links for Deathly Hallows Commentary

The First Twenty-Five Deathly Hallows HogPro Discussion Points:

1. The Covers
2. The Opening Quotations from Aeschylus and Penn
3. The Christian Ending
4. Stoppered Death
5. Narrative Misdirection
6. The Hero’s Journey
7. The Rubedo
8. Postmodern Themes
9. Traditional Symbolism
10. Beheadings
11. Unrequited Love
12. Horcrux Hunting
13. Ron’s Departure and Return
14. Transformations
15. Nazi Echoes
16. The Name Taboo
17. Phallic Phantasy?
18. Fairy Tales
19. The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore
20. Disappointed?
21. Philosopher Stone Echoes
22. Comparative Battle Scenes
23. Smuggling the Gospel Fallout
24. Three Controversial Points
25. John Granger at Prophecy 2007 and in Deathly Hallows?!

One more time, “Point, click, wax loquacious!”

Deathly Hallows Discussion Point #30: Best Links

This is the last Deathly Hallows HogPro Discussion Point I’ll be posting before Prophecy 2007, so, lest HogPro All-Pros go spare looking for the latest and greatest commentary on these books, please send in links to sites not on my BlogRoll that HogPro readers may have missed. I know I am not alone in wanting to read A. S. Byatt’s, Lev Grossman’s, Harold Bloom’s, and Michael O’Brien’s take on the series finale; after Mr. Abanes’ fitting retirement from the field (I’m not reading the book — couldn’t be less interested…) and Ms. Mallory’s departure from litigation, can Brjit Kjos be far behind?

More seriously, I am eager to read the Red Hen’s thoughts and Professor Mum’s and Linda McCabe’s and Janet Batchler’s. Did I mention Travis Prinzi? So even though these Potter mavens are on my BlogRoll, I hope folks will send in anything they add to their sites. HogPro can act as something like the Floo Network, then, for better reading and discussion of Deathly Hallows this way, at least for a little while.

Thank you again for all your wonderful contributions to the site! I have a hard time believing how many other sites reference this one (and I only know of the ones that actually link to HogPro) as the source of their material and thinking about Deathly Hallows.