Hogwarts Professor’s Greatest Hits: You Decide

In the right hand column of this weBlog, right underneath “Recent Comments,” is a handy set of links to “HogPro’s Greatest Hits.” The HogPro house-elves put this up at my request in June because I was asked about four or five posts on a regular basis — “Rita Skeeter Covers the Vatican” was probably the single biggest request when the site went down in May for almost a month — so I put together this short list from the old HogPro for newcomers to browse through without endless scrolling through pages.

The list hasn’t been updated, though, since the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It’s time for a new set of Greatest Hits, right? We have room for ten. Please vote for your ten favorites in the cut-and-paste ballot below by writing in the letter next to the number in order of preference and putting the completed ballot in the comment box. If your favorite post isn’t listed, write it in. If you only like one or two, vote for them. I’ll see if I can get the new list up in the next week. Thank you in advance for voting — and have fun!

(A) The Thirty Deathly Hallows Threads

(B) A Rainbow of Gold, Black, White, and Red: The Alchemical Artistry of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ (A)
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Stop the Presses! JKR ‘Entertainer of the Year’!

Rowling Dubbed Entertainer of the Year

Friday, November 23, 2007 5:07 PM EST
The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — J.K. Rowling’s magical, Midas touch has landed her on the cover of Entertainment Weekly as the magazine’s entertainer of the year. [Read more…]

Reader Review of ‘Looking for God:’ Granger Gives Decent ‘Deathly Hallows’ Predictions…

How was your Turkey Day? I spent mine giving thanks for a wonderful wife and family and for all the guests who joined us for a remarkable dinner (and long walk afterwards around the West Allentown neighborhood where we live). My brother Steve from Philadelphia, my good friend Bob Trexler, my niece Victoria Work from Colby College, and my sister-in-law Gretchen Jahr from Portland, OR, not to mention daughter/cadet Hannah, home from the Post in Lexington, made our family feast especially joyful.

The morning after this celebration (in which “stuffing” was a substantive participle for what was cooked in the birds and what all my children seemed to be doing with the bird, the potatoes, and the squash pie), I turned on my computer to moderate your posts. This usually means just cutting out the wall of spam that comes in with your brilliant notes. I also try to check out the sites that have linked to HogPro in the night. Today, there was a review of Looking for God in Harry Potter by ‘Pete The Elder‘ with special emphasis on the Deathly Hallows predictions I made in it way back in October, 2005. [Read more…]

Harry Potter Maven on Strike: Writers Guild HogPro All-Pro Janet Batchler

I finally met Janet Batchler early last summer after a few years of correspondence and almost daily exchanges on the old HogPro boards. New Wave Entertainment had asked the two of us and Lexicon Steve to come to Burbank, CA, to be interviewed for an A&E Special, “The Hidden Secrets of Harry Potter.” I thought Janet, because of her beauty, clarity of expression, and command of canon (I hope you bought and read her What Will Harry Do? Payoffs and Possibilities in Book 7 before Deathly Hallows), was the best part of that show. In June, we met again at Sonorus 2007 in the desert above Los Angeles, where she, Steve, and I did a group Q&A with some of the most thoughtful and insightful members of Fandom I spoke with before Deathly Hallows made the scene. Janet was a hit there, too, and I looked forward to seeing her in Toronto at Prophecy 2007.

But there seems to have been a curse on the folks who were interviewed for “The Hidden Secrets of Harry Potter.” Steve Vander Ark’s drama is being played out on the world stage as his efforts to publish the Lexicon have been challenged by Ms. Rowling in court. I have moved twice in four months, if, by your prayers, that has been the extent of the curse’s touch on me. Janet Batchler has not been so lucky. [Read more…]

Time’s Person of the Year, 2007: Ms. Rowling, in a Landslide?

This is a delight. Time Magazine, as a run-up to its annual selection of the Person of the Year, has posted a reader ballot on its website. Here’s how they explain the voting:

Now it’s your turn to tell us who is really the most important person of 2007. Should it be a Nobel Prize winning former Vice President or quite possibly the future first woman President? Is the rabble-rousing President of Iran a more deserving choice, or what about the man behind the iPhone? Vote for your choice, though the editors reserve the right to disagree. Their selection will be announced in the December 31st issue of TIME, on sale Dec. 21.

You’ll note they don’t mention “best selling novelist of our time, whose series finale held the imagination of the world captive for much of 2007 and a movie made from a previous book broke box office records.” They didn’t include Ms. Rowling in the lead paragraph, but they won’t be able to ignore her in the results. The voting as of 14 November put Ms. Rowling well out in front of the politicos and entrepreneur Time thought would head the list: [Read more…]