Cormoran Strike: Lethal White

Lethal White has been a focus at HogwartsProfessor since the publication of Career of Evil in 2015. This Pillar Post for ‘Strike4’ is a gathering and organizing of more than eighty of the more important articles that discuss Lethal White directly or indirectly. This list was most recently updated on 22 June 2019.

I urge the first time visitor researching the subject to listen to the ‘Reading, Writing, Rowling’ podcast about Lethal White which gives a fun introduction to and fire-hose survey of the key topics. From that beginning, either work your way down the list or jump to the subjects which most interest you.

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Introduction/Overview/Key Points

Lethal White as Turning Point of Seven Part Ring Cycle

Literary Alchemy and the Mythic Context

On ‘White Horses’

Louise Freeman’s Lethal White Posts

Series Mystery Possibilities

Literary Allusions and Influences

The National Health Service Sub Plot


Rowling Interviews, Twitter

Prepublication Predictions and Speculation

In a nutshell, the theory is that Jonny Rokeby was responsible for Leda Strike’s death, a ‘hit’ that he arranged to insure that she would never reveal what she knew about crimes he committed as a Deadbeat, crimes to include murder, in conjunction with heroin and the drug trade. The ‘White Horse’ that Rowling has been teasing readers with this past year may involve an actual stallion but the larger meaning of the clues is heroin, for which ‘white horse’ is a street euphemism.

Postpublication Scorecard


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